Home Airsoft Funny Moments TeamBlackHawk7 airsoft “Flagrunner” 12-26-12

TeamBlackHawk7 airsoft “Flagrunner” 12-26-12

TeamBlackHawk7 airsoft “Flagrunner” 12-26-12

Wow right here got my radio brother by the month I went straight off the slide today bubbly you guys nitric shot police against the front rows guys from who run it will go straight this way to short his way rather fun rush straight back this way now we got three with ya oh no we got to get no play Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Daddy get it’s gonna get it back to play go go go go go go go that way that way laughs when we take it rap where we taking it all right guys side base this way this way side bank run that way go through that way go go go go go go go go somebody hold us down so we hold this down hold that corner down watch this go away you gotta watch this way yo yo can you see you let’s yell okie doke know what they got us pinned down that bed your pinky why are you over here hoping I could be talking very good the both pics Oh to both it oh I’m it already holy cow you


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