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TCA highlights with commentary – KTW Flintlock, Airsoft Bow, AKM

TCA highlights with commentary – KTW Flintlock, Airsoft Bow, AKM

no there’s two riffs that I see hello once again so I do the commentary I guess why not anyway these featuring guns that break your time right here I’m shooting at a guy you can’t really see him I think he’s buying that weird thing and I did believe I didn’t get it off after that video like I said I cut this down right now it’s on what is about a four on four on ma’am I’m off in the back corner this is my last life right now I mean first I got shot right off this start the one time and get this video short as possible anyway here I get this guy in a second wait for it right there let’s go so go but yeah this ktw flintlock I love it just kind of like I thought I would I’ve got a couple other ktw guns will hopefully be in videos sometime soon I’m here I was stuck in that corner for a long time for a while and was down to one on one and I found this slightly amusing even though I don’t know if he knew who I was the guy who was left but got the flintlock yourself kinda had to go after the guy with the Polar Star found that slightly amusing but whatever they both shoot boobies so yeah I got in there I got this be the short here cuz we actually did a we each had one life still and I went back it’s behind he went back in spawn and we duped it out what kind of that really she kind of went up in the tower in the end of would come in the German strategy totally legitimate really boring anyway this was actually the first game before before that other one who I put in this video this way but the first game I played the flintlock I don’t know why they didn’t get moved up the field very well here we took the middle right right away so I was able to get up pretty close for most of the game here actually this is my first shot with it and I get this guy that’s pretty surprised actually but that’s pretty stoked about that got to take out my sniper with my first shot turn up right there I will have video with that as well sometime I didn’t really play and me just kind of shooting it first impressions I liked it I’ve never shot like a Polar Star though but the Tippmann is pretty cool it’s got a little bit of recoil to it it’s you can hear the buffer spring buffer tube spring moving like a real AR it’s kind of cool okay back to the video now you’re moving up this I took a shot at the guy the only thing I missed him there I’m not sure I got this guy we’ve got post about it – did and here they come around the card isn’t shooting I pop-up him shoot him I did his best I’m pretty sure but I thought you can argue with me a little bit but I thought you all show you – anyway yeah this thing has low FPS people don’t pay attention yeah the game I cut it out here oh okay this is actually I warmed up first couple games oh and I was talking to my teammate he responds my last life they have two guys left I believe so I usually hit the showers I figured I’d pop up there quick since I couldn’t see anyone it’s kinda hard to move up to the buildings the wrong guy then I actually cut off the rest I didn’t move up a little bit and got chopper death it was kind of fun in the woods I was laying here and you watch out for my right a guy just comes up on how he didn’t see me it’s kind of fun okay now we just have the just kind of the Bluebird slash fun section forest and then there’s Bert no pictures than just me showing like that oh you load the flintlock thing well we’re just talking after again huh so if you wanna watch that go ahead otherwise that’s it for the action stuff oh man hope you have enjoyed this out there TCA get out there that is cool bird that was cold all right that’s pretty cool though I gotta say first time to play with it earlier I shot you in the pack oh yeah I’m appointed polish that’s the fact which you couldn’t hear me so yeah what a shot you in the nose cuz I came off completely dry your face yeah coat around a bank kill you how’s expecting soup like I don’t know


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