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Taurus PT-24/7 G2 – Airsoft – Review detalhado

Taurus PT-24/7 G2 – Airsoft – Review detalhado

hi guys Let’s talk today about 24/7. this pistol is the darling of the airsoft teams we want to start by talking about the firearm to 24/7, it was developed specifically for ostentatious police use so it’s a light weapon with good aiming apparatus which allows a range of up to 90 meters with accuracy of up to 30 meters this, using variable variables such as longer pipe, etc.

is a weapon of easy handling and with good power of fire when designing this weapon, the Taurus verified that without the dog, it would have a greater resistance to mud, rain and dust just like Glock.

Inspired by HK USP German she has an intimidating purpose in ostentatious policing various videos talking about the 24/7 crash 24/7 is the most hated and the most beloved among the Brazilian police officers police reports, say that when the weapon belongs to a single owner she usually does not give a problem.

However! when it is a corporation weapon, it tends to present some flaw this problem has already been identified by the Taurus factory and corrected in their new projects the Taurus generation 02, comes with a new vision a little more robust, and lost that rubbery handle who had been complaining and the project was corrected this one comes even more intimidating! Hey people! beauty? My name is Feitosa, I’m a gunsmith.

here from Airsoft Shopping We’ll talk about this. child who came here, oh! aaaaaa, 24/7 G02 new generation right, it gives 24/7 and I’ll talk some good things Also, I will not leave out some things particularly, so .

.. bad huh but let’s go! first good thing in it! your weight! her weight is exceptional OK ahhhhhhh her bolt is in metal lower receiver is in polymer, equal to real blow very, very strong, very good firing, very accurate.

We made several shots at the shooting range working in CO2 is it’s a little bit more fun than Green Gass but will not make ugly on the field no. Just be careful. beware of the classmates, because she’s a little bit stronger but as for this .

.. the Mag in metal, CO2 as I had already said her charging system is very cool, very cool I liked it a lot, very different from other other brands, you have to pull that you have to pull the spring all down, there you have an opening in which you put, in this chi, no! in this one, you can just pull a dump and put it, because it has enough space enough for you to put the polka dots anywhere you want if you want to put only two balls, just pull and put the two catered for you do not let go of this here, here it breaks, this here is plastic e ôoooo the pushpin pin, it’s metal, okay! éeeeeeeee dismantling system .

.. standard of a pistol, right, similar to Glock this two… these two locks here, you pull down and dismount one thing that I found very cool in her, is this system of recoiling spring pin are, a set of very strong springs precisely to withstand the blow of CO2 the bolt is very well worked OK! very heavy metal This time, aaaaaaaaaaaa the Cybergun, did well done! although Cubergun already a great brand but .

.. with the help of Taurus, this time this time lazy to make an outfit that really … impresses A trigger system the hammer is equal to that of Glock good looking, right? Well, the system is pretty simple.

eeeeee I’ll say something I did not like! a failure! That’s the thing that we guns do. talk, this is … the manufacturers make a top of the line weapon but in the end, they say like this: let’s do a crap which is not to have 100%.

so this thing here to not let her 100%, what did they do? just the trigger! the trigger is in polymer. it should be metal. Not that it’s weak! It’s very strong, yeah, tough! Pretty rigid! but … it could be metal she left her much more .

… éeeee 100% characteristic. So … what do I have to talk about her? yea! you have the exchange here daaa, I forgot the name of this little thing she comes with three ta … are different sizes, just for you have a very good grip the third, it comes with with a stress here, that you fit really cool right, who has a big hand like mine? already hold very well eeeee, very good acquisition.

I have one particularly it’s there I sold another to get her. and I’m really enjoying it! very much. with the tests, we did with one gas cylinder, we were able to give three full reload but this is different, from region to region this is not precisely right the weather can influenciate and.

.. the hot weather will give more more shots, thecold weather will give less shots so… here, in Recife, Pernambuco we are able to make three full reload, and work well ok! on the last reload, it gave a poor shots but there were almost three full reloads no other weapon can give three reloads with a cylinder so that’s it the only thing I did´t like, it was the trigger it coult be made in metal, but.

.. it is a good acquisition Succes of sale so… come quickly, you will not regret get yours now, a hug for everyone good day, be careful on camp, and to not hurt your friends That’s it, show! não é bom dar bom final de semana, por que você não sabe quando o cara vai ver o vídeo meu irmão, eu não sou ator velho só falou você dizer: Um abraço de Leonardo Feitosa Bola é que é o ator.

O , o maior e melhor armeiro de Pernambuco P*** que P*****


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