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Taurus Curve – Is It Terrible? | Pro Shooter Gun Review


Now you’ve heard the saying that real women have curves but do they have taurus curve that’s what I want to know hey there Kirsten joy Weiss here and I have the Taurus curve today this gun is actually designed to curve around your body’s natural curve Taurus calls it the gun that you wear because this is cleared the actual design of a gun is curved itself this gun is strictly a concealed carry gun so we are going to focus more on how it fits if it’s truly fitting the curves of your own body or if it’s not and also how it shoots of course so concealability shoot ability function fit and ergonomics let’s check it out first let’s start with concealability while other companies tend to just shrink down their larger line for concealed carry especially 380s Taurus actually designed this gun from the ground up for concealed carry so we have to put our target shooter mindset aside and don our self-defense mindset it’s not fair to compare this to a target competition pistol it’s not even going to hold up to that so we are going to solely focus on whether it’s good in its own category so lets talk curves this is obviously a curved gun in it’s designed it’s one of the only ones on the market like this maybe I think it is the only one I think Taurus does have a patent on this specific design there are no snag points there’s in fact no sights and we’ll get to that later there are no cites no external safety no extra buttons that there could possibly be a snag point when you go to grab your gun out of your clothing now there is a clip on the side of the gun not the magazine the clip on the side of the gun and that is so that you can just stick it in your yoga pants or in your regular pants or whatever you’re wearing and not have to wear a belt not have to go shop for a holster for it it’s just ready to go now if you look really closely at this gun you’ll notice that even the barrel this is cleared has a slightly curved barrel end the tip of the barrel doesn’t have rifling in it now the barrel itself is in line with the grip so it’s not going to curve your bullet like the movie wanted but it’s definitely a pro overall now the biggest thing I was curious about this gun is whether it prints or doesn’t print it’s a huge advantage for a gun to be able to be worn with any outfit practically testing it appendix carry it’s not very comfortable for me I can’t get it to fit correctly it definitely prints for me but every gun prints for me basically
there’s no way that somebody’s not going to see that now if you have a little bit of a belly appendix carry is going to work out I carry more weight in the back so I have to concealed carry behind me right off my hip not on my spine right off the hip in that curve right there and the curve does curve round my curve but I don’t notice that it prints less than other 380s or small personal carry guns that I own but I do notice there’s a slight bit of comfort level since it really does hug your curve it does feel a little bit more secure than boxier traditional guns so if you want a little bit more comfort say it’s the summer or something where you’re wearing clothes that are a little bit more form-fitting this would be a good option for you I don’t know that it prints less but it does print differently and I think that’s an advantage to the Taurus curve let’s move on to ergonomics the comfort of this gun is kind of like a lot of other 380 small concealed carry guns they’re not my favorite they serve a purpose they’re not exactly for a hundred percent comfort they’re small they jump but if a 9mm or a 45 is too large for you and you just won’t carry it this is definitely a better option than not having a gun what I do like about this being a right-handed person is the curve of the grip fits in the curve of my palm so I do notice that there is some comfort level there but if I shot this left-handed it would feel pretty wonky it curves the opposite way and it just fights the natural makings of your body so again this is not really made for left-handed people the slide itself is pretty easy to work it’s definitely easier to work than a lot of larger calibers out there but it’s pretty on par with other concealed carry 380 you’ll also notice that there is no slide release button that’s a good thing because it doesn’t create a snag point for you when you’re pulling out your gun but it’s a little bit annoying I can’t release the slide until I disconnect magazine and I can release the slide now as you also can see this has a magazine disconnect safety and it won’t actually shoot you can’t clear the gun traditionally because once the mag is out you can’t disengage the trigger fully you have to drop the magazine release the slide for the magazine back in disengage the trigger take the magazine out so a lot more processes a lot more steps to make sure that the gun is safe I hate this and so does Taurus they dedicate a full page to
it in their manual telling how it’s actually dangerous but a lot of states decide to require magazine safety disconnects and all sorts of other laws so they’re pandering to those states so they can sell the gun there which I appreciate that they’re willing to design something for these states but I don’t think that everybody else should be punished just because of those states and there’s a really good chance that someone’s going to rely too much on the magazine disconnect just makes everything more difficult a little bit more dangerous and it’s just really annoying so please make a different model for the pro-freedom states this gun is completely clear some people have said that when their shooting this they tend to hit this magazine release button and it disconnects the magazine just enough that the gun will not fire but I do not have a problem I am not sure if that’s because I have small hands it’s fine for me my finger is on it but I don’t I don’t disconnect it when I’m shooting I had no issue with that but that is something to consider check it out in the store before you buy it see if you can squeeze that grip enough that you disconnect the magazine if you don’t then the gun probably fits your hand all right now you’ll notice underneath that trigger finger pad is a little laser and light this isn’t the base model the base model does not come with it this is a model up from that it has a illumination light and a laser like I said but I really like it I would recommend just skipping it in my personal opinion the light is a little bit too bright the laser is a little bit too weak and you don’t be fiddling with that in a defense scenario you’re probably not even going to think about it or you could put it on by accident so we’re going to skip that now let’s move on to a category I call shootability the trigger is extremely heavy there it goes but the fact that this gun has a long and heavy trigger is not a con in this scenario for a target shooter I would hate it but for defense it’s good because you can’t accidentally pull this trigger too easily it’s heavy it’s by design Taurus explains that they actually wanted to make sure that this was heavy enough because this is a concealed carry gun but if we want to reset it it feels like a reset there you can hear it click but when you press that trigger the gun with live fire actually doesn’t go off and then when you release it to properly pull it back it doesn’t
actually shoot so what you have to do you have to bring that slide back again and reset it which is not ideal that initial click or false reset is a major problem whatever you’ve trained the most that’s what you’re going to fall back on you train with other guns you’re going to feel that an initial little what feels to be a reset you’re going to pull that trigger quickly expecting the gun to go off and it’s not going to and then you’re going to cycle it you’re going to lose a round it’s just it’s just not a good situation so that is a huge thing to consider and a huge con for this gun now the point that I’m sure you’ve been waiting for is that this does not have any sights well technically it has some pseudo sights on the back which are white groove really you just point and shoot I would encourage you to train instinctual shooting because that’s going to be the default modus operandum when you are in a panicked defense scenario you’re not going to take the time most likely the majority of us are not going to take the time to acquire perfect sight picture so we’re just going to shoot instinctually so that is what you need to train at the range the point is that you can shoot and you can shoot accurately without sight I have a video on that I did with rifle it’s actually harder that way so in a way this sighting system is an advantage because you’re not going to be lining up your sights perfectly taking beautiful shots you’re just going to point and shoot and do it instinctually do sights aid and accuracy of course they do but you do not 100% need them now how about accuracy and actually shooting the gun well they say that most defense scenarios happen within seven yards so I tested this at fifteen yards on a plate that is much smaller than vitals on an attacker it reached the steel it did the job regardless of what gun you choose to carry you must train with it so important not to just get a gun and decide okay I have a concealed carry gun I’m good I can save myself and others just because I have a gun wrong you need to train with it you need to be comfortable with it then you will have the confidence of knowing your gun and being able to trust yourself to perform what are my final thoughts on this gun I say that if Taurus tweaks a few things that I would highly recommend this gun to a lot of people but for now I can’t really recommend this gun other than its comfort it’s very comfortable gun to carry but to shoot it
it’s got some issues and the main things are just the magazine disconnect and the trigger issue and I hope that Taurus listens this is not just a fun gun this is something that could save lives and so there’s a lot more responsibility when it comes to recommending or not recommending a gun like this regardless of how you or I feel about the gun ultimately Taurus should get some extra points for innovation it takes a lot of bravery to make something that not only is different but looks different I hope that you still take a look at this because it is a very innovative gun it’s worth checking out it’s worth shooting and trying and seeing for yourself if you have a friend or loved one that’s curious about concealed carry please share this video with them and until next time aim true and happy shooting


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