Home Airsoft Cheaters TASK FORCE – BORDER WAR 5 | Airsoft | Tactical moving

TASK FORCE – BORDER WAR 5 | Airsoft | Tactical moving

TASK FORCE – BORDER WAR 5 | Airsoft | Tactical moving

– Krieg – Whatsapp – Mike? This street or the one further down? The one right here To the right? No, I don’t think so.. Squad Column! Right side What is he saying? -Let’s go through here- He’s helping to cover that side Hold your position, no advancing just hold your position Everyone with a helmet is one of ours We haven’t got a task so far -One o’ Clock!- Continue on your own discresion and don’t forget to push left that’s our goal Ok, support here! Watch out, he said on the right Ahh, who are you? Foxtrot 3 Foxtrot 2, ok We are Fox 1 But just hold the right side up there so they can’t attack us from the back Marvin? Hold your position Huh? Hold your position What’s up? Go along with Benny You’ve got a few minutes left Someone got a slotted screwdriver at hand? Someone got a slotted screwdriver? Yes, I do! Hey, Stop Stop Stop! Come on, don’t stop! Watch out, watch out! Can we start? Something is moving up there on top of that hill The tree tops Oh yeah, I see it you see it? They are up there four snipers what? Oliver? Good Evening That has just cost me 100$ just for the record So it is there after all –Subtitles by TeamTriggerTigger–


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