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Tan /black mp5 airsoft loadout

Tan /black mp5 airsoft loadout

all right side do a review on my airsoft what healthy guys starting up top these are actually just a crosman garbled I know you probably think in there for your crap but they’re actually not you’re very comfortable I shot it with my gun point blank range this shoes like 400 and 400 into FPS and you’re so far as obviously on top I just have a orange beanie uh Lawrence I’m intimate can I have that just because I feel like it brings the rest of the pan together in here this is a fleet box baccala or whatever the koala I have this because i don’t have my half face mask right now so i use this it’s not like you still feel it obviously if you get hit but it starts better than just fair skin and it’s winter so keep my face warm it also protects my neck and then this is an empty star in for tactical vest but as you see I have an mp5 so well I run a drop leg holster so I took the actual holster that came with the best and I remove that and I put my mp5 mag pouch in that spot I have spree mags for it mrs.

a echo1 fod straight bag and then I have two of the traditional mp5 mags the kind of banana clip but I also keep my m4 mags with me because I i play with those I take those guns to follow my airsoft so then because i alternate between them like I play I’ll play on one scenario was this and then i’ll switch to my echo on let’s be off actually you might not be able to see it on the camera the echo on mr f dash T Troy yes the middle sighs there’s a 10 in the fourth that’s the seventh but anyways moving on to my gun I have I just found a cheap mp5 rail adapter on Amazon I was like eight bucks but on top of that I have the ncstar rent on green dot sight this is a nothing i got it for twenty four dollars not sure if that’s correct but i just think these sites looked a lot better only in b5 and i can just put it kind of looks like the front post light rum just feel like it’s round it looks like that flight up there and that’s just not like the normal red dot that you see on everybody else is done so I like that kind of getting foggy in here to come inside and have all my gear on but this is the foregrip that comes with a gun fullmetal upper receiver palmer the flora series so I Palmer stock it’s also it is a folding stock and you can still use it I’ll hold it obviously but um and up up front I have a crosman she went on our laser sight quick quick release so this is actually not a bad laser I’m getting a different one but it just looks better but it works fine for now well let’s see I don’t have any extra mags for my pistol yet only have the one but I run a co2 pistol it’s a Boomer x lightened by H&K USP great little pistol and set that’s a tight hi gear not sure if you guys can see that the type time here tornado drop drop off laser and reproduce them some tan work pants of their sticky spread and I have a couple couches here i have a few extra co2 cartridges and I the allergies for my red dot and actually my 6-cl two mags and then I have another one here or I drop my use co2 cartridges prone to see so much missing anything suddenly think so right now my batteries are there normally I would have my binoculars up in this pocket I have my multi-tool and a pocket knife well on my mags there well that’s really pretty much it eat up boots that I use I’m not wearing them cuz I can’t get them in frame but uh yeah these are nice hiking boots but I use me instead of combat boots because they’re like a tannish brown butt off really that’s it it’s like I prefer woodland but all my friends run a to you so they’re on tan team but i really i don’t like a see you like I said I prefer woodland but I think this looks much better than a see you cuz really chasing you it’s not I don’t think it’s really that good of camo it’s just can’t stop it really doesn’t then with any with anything really not nothing that mr.

Goodwin nameless so I really think this would work better than HD you honestly but that’s my out this is that cym a comm 41 great gun oh this just run great import this was what 195 to the 170 my pistol the 15 our co2 pistol this is actually a polymer gun Palmer receiver but the barrel sight our site then the rails are all metal like I said I changed between the two take both of them to buy events normally you know oh my swing but this with the mp5 J models there’s normally a sling mount right here but on this model the flu map does not come so i had a paracord bracelet and I wrapped it around the front of the stock and then I put my splitting to that paracord bracelet so it allows it to move more freely even when I have it in the 14th position all right select it’s easier to some cheap work gloves but I think that’s really all there is to it it’s just a simple loadout it’s effective it’s lightweight it’s nothing really excessive on here damn it it’s really getting hot under here so I’m going to go ahead and in the video but if you have any suggestions for me leave them in the comments section and as always just right and subscribe thank you


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