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Taliban War II | Airsoft Gameplay | Pestszentimre

Taliban War II | Airsoft Gameplay | Pestszentimre

(Rearranging the field :D) Got one. There are at least two still… (Preatorians, squad respawn!) Move away, please! Watch out! Dead player, move away please! At the cable reel! Cables, twelve o’clock.

.. (Whoah, so nasty!) (NATO inside?) (Yes, NATO has the building.) Nice misinformation. 😀 I don’t have a knife sorry. You have to suffer… Okay, I will end you… You’re with Allah now… (Nice one!) Party gets better! Hey, shouln’t we get these guys there? (Sounds good, let’s go!) Left flank, left flank! On your left, two of them! Coming from left! Reloading! Let’s get you to cover! Medic, he will be inside okay? (Friendlies?) No.

.. (Do NOT come here!) Enemy right next to the concrete wall! (Get me inside now!) (Not yourselves, me! :D) Grab gim! Come on! I got him! (Nice shot, you got him well!) There were enemies at the cable reels too.

.. (Are those just standing there?) Yes. I think we should just rush them in one line… Then let’s go, move move! Watch out at the cables though… Holy f***! (Can the tank carry troops?) Yep, 3 or 4 I think.

We should track where it goes… Guys! Enemies disembarked from the tank! (Get back, get back!) The building across is ours! (Sure?) Yes, the enemies are around the corner! (The whole building is ours?) Yep, just a few arrived with the tank.

And one is still alive… I think… Ran into the woods I presume… Only deads there… (Hit!) Arab, do not shoot! More enemies in the woods! Let me search you… I don’t have anything. I’m the suicide kinda guy, not much into talking.

😀 Just finish me off… let me go to Allah! Watch out for the shadow! Wonder if I got him… Nope, still peaking… Nice, pretty nice one. Goddammit… hit my hand.


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