General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at the long awaited new products from TAGinn Namely, under-barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) TAG-35 And shots on the expelling charge for this UBGL – TAG-35D TAG-35 is a replica of the GP-34 grenade launcher Which was developed at the Izhevsk Gun Factory in the early 2000s As the competitor to Tulskiy GP-30 Compared to predecessors GP-34 has increased reliability of operation And safety when handling it The design of the sight was also changed It provides more convenient and faster aiming When conducting flat and curved fire Currently, the GP-34 grenade launcher is in service with the Russian armed forces As well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB It is also exported The TAG-35 airsoft grenade launcher is almost completely made of light and durable aircraft aluminum Exposed parts are made of steel These steel details led to a rise in the cost of the grenade launcher Compared to the originally planned price On the one hand it’s certainly a minus But on the other hand, the reliability of the grenade launcher has greatly increased To be honest, I don’t know what needs to be done to break it with regular use In this case, the grenade launcher isn’t heavy And weighs only 750 gr The balance of the machine gun, of course, slumps forward a little But not critical As combat analogue TAG-35 can be installed on AK-74 series machine guns, AK-103 AKMS, AKM and new AK-12 and AK-15 On the machine gun, the grenade launcher is fixed to the T-shaped platform in the lower part of the gas cylinder And adapter of the front handguard shoe And there is an important nuance Typically on airsoft replicas of AK The distance between gas cylinder and front handguard shoe differ from the same on the combat prototype Therefore, when installing The automatic safety of the grenade launcher doesn’t reach the adapter of the front handguard shoe So it doesn’t shoot To solve this problem There are two plastic spacers in the kit For installing on machine guns AK-74, AK-103, AKM and AK-12 from LCT They need to be put on the barrel And to fix on the protruding part of handguard shoe Then the grenade launcher can be installed For AK-12 from LCT Additionally, a special clamp can be installed Which fixes the frame of the grenade launcher to the handguard RIS-bar With it, fixation will be more rigid and reliable The grenade launcher is fixed with a spring-loaded latch To remove it from the machine gun You need to press this key and move the grenade launcher forward and down TAG-35 mounted like the original on the inert AK Without the slightest backlash Accordingly, on all AKs that accurately copy the size of combat AKs Grenade launcher is installed without any spacers As with the combat analogue The shot in the TAG-35 is inserted from the muzzle and is fixed until it clicks To remove the failed shot On the left side of the grenade launcher there is an extractor key By clicking which shot is pushed out of the barrel Shots look very entourage In shape and appearance, they fully copy the VOG-25 shots Excluding guides for groove Anticipating your question No, the battle VOG cannot be installed on the TAG-35 Although there and there the caliber is 40 mm Grooves in the airsoft grenade launcher barrel differ in amount, deep and wide The dimensions of the breech in the TAG-35 are also different from the combat Two types of shots are currently on sale TAG-35D with 4 sec fuse And TAG-35UD with the contact initiotor and 4 sec fuse In the future will be created shots with 8 sec fuse I will tell about them later The main features of TAG-35 are Easy to use, reliable design, similarity in relation to the combat model And just excellent shooting characteristics For the operation of the grenade launcher no gas or batteries are needed Yes, the principle of operation of shots is pyrotechnic with an electric initiator The charge needed for a shot is generated by pressing the trigger By tiny energy generator And no, this is not a piezoelectric element, as you probably already thought As you understand, the pyrotechnic charge doesn’t depend on weather conditions And the temperature outside This is the great plus Because even perfectly working ML36 and TAG-15 on CO2 Can run out of gas at the right time And drop CO2 pressure due to cold This incident already happened in my practice It would seem that the problem can be solved using the HPA kit for ML36 But here, too, isn’t so simple With the cylinder installed, the grenade launcher can no longer be used as an under-barrel So it will have to be carried with you as a separate weapon The cost of such an assembly, about 60 000 RUB And the HPA nozzle can still freeze at a temperature of 25 degrees I had it too In turn, the TAG-35 on the background of any gas systems and systems with batteries This is the simplest and most functional product Put in a shot Aim, pull the trigger Shot After 30 shots, disassembled and cleaned with Ballistol The same with the combat grenade launcher Yes, the TAG-35 as well as a combat grenade launcher after a certain shot need to be cleaned To do this, by the way, there is a slush brush in the kit The cleaning process is also similar to a combat grenade launcher Take off the barrel Wipe the breech from the soot with a rag And with a slush brush, with gun oil for cleaning, clean the barrel Dry with a rag And assemble After seeing how this grenade launcher fires, many of you will probably reproach And where is the roar of the shot The flames from the barrel for half a meter and the smell of gunpowder To be honest, many just because of this love grenade launchers on a pyrotechnic charge Yes, that’s cool, but it’s not about realism The harsh reality is that An combat UBGL fires without all these special effects The shot flames is barely noticeable Pillar of smoke, too, no The developers specifically made it so that When fired from a grenade launcher there was no open flame Firstly, it was associated with an increase in shooting characteristics Secondly it is fireproof Well, in the third, it doesn’t unmask the shooter Specifically for tests, one of the first versions of the grenade launcher fell into my hands With sights of the first version But the shots I received were no longer test But modernized, which went into series Thus in my particular case The reticle doesn’t quite match the distance of the flight path The shot flies farther and to the right than necessary But due to the fact that the grenade launcher shoots accurately and uniformly It’s not difficult to take the necessary amendments Firing a grenade launcher for the first time The fighter from the third shot hit the BMP-2 tower At a distance of 150 m Practice has shown that if you aim at a mark of 50 m That shot will fly about 70 m At 100 meters, the shot will fly to the right and 115 m Derivation leads to the right.

– Yes. I aimed at the left edge of the BMP in the center Accordingly, now we will aim at the left edge of the BMP On the bottom, under the edge of the target Aye! There was a hit on top of the body Super! That is, from 110 m we hit the target.

– Yes. Distance – 150 m At 120 meters, the shot will fly more else to the right and 140 m If you aim at 150 m That shot will explode in the air before it reaches the ground My guess That if the fuse was longer, it would fly about 170 m I think I got Yes Right in the center of the tower Well, fuck me! 150 m – hit the center of the tower BMP-2 Shooter Distance – 150 m After the shooting, I found that I discovered that the sights are adjustable vertically and horizontally Accordingly, it was possible to shoot in, adjust and minimize all these corrections As far as I understand TAGinn plan to produce updated reticles Which, if necessary, can be installed on an existing grenade launcher Fortunately – reticles are removable There are marks for firing mortar on the reticle And they, as it turned out, are needed not only for entourage Over time, TAGinn plan to produce shots with an 8 sec fuse For curved fire – like a mortar If so, then Buying TAG-35 you also get a mortar From which, judging by the marks, it will be possible to shoot accurately at a distance of 100-150 m One more interesting moment When you select a distance on the sight, the front sight automatically moves horizontally This is necessary to adjust for the drift of a rotating shot Due to derivation in flight Exactly the same method is implemented on the GP-34 That is, TAGinn not only copied the flight path of the shot But they also adapted sights for it Personally, I believe that Once again, TAGinnovation revolutionized the airsoft pyrotechnics market Seriously set a higher bar Judge for yourself TAG-35 is made of the aircraft aluminum and steel And outwardly almost completely replicates the combat GP-34 Except a couple of small details that are protected by copyright He is very accurate and long-range For the operation no gas or batteries are needed That means the normal operation is little dependent on temperature and weather All maintenance of the grenade launcher comes down only to periodic cleaning of soot As with combat one When I did a review on the ML36 with the HPA kit I called it the best example of all shooting at airsoft It seems now this title is moving to TAG-35 The real minus, I see it has only one Because of it, I have to buy myself AK Because it doesn’t fit other rifles This is really a serious minus Which a manufacturer should definitely work on You can buy it in the shop of airsoft pyrotechnics For example in BABAHI it definitely is As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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