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Tactical Jack Jumbo Loadout Bag Review | Templar Airsoft

Tactical Jack Jumbo Loadout Bag Review | Templar Airsoft

I’m Mike from Temple airsoft.com and this is the Jumbo load our bag from tactical jack so guys today I’m going to go over my loadout bag my the gear bag I used to take most of my gear to games this is it tactical Jack is the the brand it’s not very well known brand on there and there you can only really get them from two main dealers that’s Holly mill and Cockrell UK put the links in the description below it’s a great bag it’s nice big and so this is a jumbo size they do to a medium size it’s the Jumbo one you want unless you only want a small compact kit bag but in terms of getting all your gear I can get everything I need for a game day in this so for me brilliant it’s got loads of pockets as well that’s a thousand Denia black fedora stuff stitches pretty good it’s not the same sort of quality gonna get from the hundred pound bags etc this bag only comes in a 44 quid or 45 pound I think and for the price is great value for money I’ve had this a about a year now I’ve used these bags outside of airsoft for work I’ve just replaced one after five years or four years and that was because the zips went on it but generally speaking very good bags very good value for money and they’re made pretty well features wise on top you’ve got the old sort of plastics UK style plastic window so you can slide a business card in there up just cause there’s on pattern if we’re name tape velcro patch here you can then take off a long patch on it big long large zip I’ve had it sorry big large lid which is padded and heavy-duty YKK zippers with nice big pool cords in get move your gloves straps wise you’ve got single carrying handle does velcro together and you’ve also got the shoulder strap here it’s not lightly padded quite comfortable to use generally speaking you’re gonna be taking it from your car to the area not too bad and it does it does not connect it doesn’t clip using these big large plastic plastic buckles they’re pretty good quality they don’t feel really cheap I’ve never had one of these break yet say that it broke because I’ve just done it yeah pretty good it’s nice and sturdy and they held up well what is I’ll just give you a quick demo of the kit I can carry in this on the side here I’ve got my I pray couple of sets and all my batteries fits nicely in this sit on the side in the front pocket here I’ve got gloves and my head over next soft I use for face protection I’ve seen it games on the other side and this side pouch I’ve got a a schwag scrim net and some tape okay so what go on the rear pocket go a canoe bag a dry bag some knee pads some every use but Ally to have them in such a petite and the inside of the lid here maps for the very much nicer laid out where maps are handy Sparrow antennas I put the rod in rod for my eg is vv gets Lodge in there my tweet all pens spare antennas this piece here as you know it so know if you can see on a camera show you different hang on a second because I run an m4 from when I just run the bag I can break it down into two pieces so I put my locking pins in there spare bits and bobs in here spare radios this is amol radio and celery’s come to spare radios some ear pieces and blank rounds in there for my grades some terms of low capabilities inside the bag I’ve called my gear here pretty much everything I need for a day in terms of chestrig helmet trousers jacket underneath there am ia eg ammo and stuff kept in here I’ve got the locking pins for my AEG I run an ICS m4 breaks down very much the same way as a real m4 it’s very easy to put that together and it means that I can obviously strip it down to get it in that in that bag so we go AEG mine for ready to go there’s some green gas my pistol Pierce woodland trousers I always have spare pair trousers inside my bag that way I can drive home with a dry ass and feet you know if I’ve gone through a ditch us on another soaking wet it that way allows me to put some of dry on my lower half but sitting in chess rig it’s quite everything I was gonna need on it spare pair of boots obviously as I said and I was going to change into some dry kit should I get psyched helmet cable here it’s just for my GoPro which isn’t fitted my rent but I’ll see you get my home in there and smoke see ya call my jacket also got some cleaning rag this is GPMG flannelette from my time in the army it’s really good for wife dany gun and that’s about yeah in the back here I’ve got some bb’s my balls bang rounds dump pouch spare radio handset velcro side here I’ve got paracord spare mag pulls and then on this side I’ve got parts of a cleaning kit to keep the gun clean and that’s it everything I need inside this this back here has asserted great bit of kit so there you go guys that’s the jumbo kit bag or load up back from tactical Jack as I said very good value for money 45 quid from Polly mill or Kaushal UK yes it’s a great backs great great value for money I’ve yet to have any problems with this bag it’s still almost looks as good as new pop um it’s a bit day but zips are all good the velcro is all good the only dry thing it has failed actually is the velcro on the handle as common looser for the stitching but that’s an easy fix and replace as I said it’s a relatively cheap bag the offers you a lot of options in terms of technically if you were one of these guys that actually on public transport this bag you could use although I would not use a bag black like this I try and get more civilian looking bag but if this is the only option that you can see that it’s gonna work for you go for it as it says it’s a great bag and I definitely recommend getting one available from Polly mill or cop shop you can put links in the description below and yeah and I see a great little bag definitely recommend getting this if you look for a loadout bag like share subscribe if you like the content it really does I really do appreciate it every time one of you guys hits like or even if you hit dislike and lets me know that maybe I’m doing something wrong but you know subscribe if you like this stuff and we can get some more stuff coming out leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this bag and or what bag you run a few any recommendations or bags to avoid in your opinion leave a comment below that’s it for me and see you next time you


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