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Swamp Fox at Ballahack Airsoft with Novritsch (G&G GR25 DMR)

Swamp Fox at Ballahack Airsoft with Novritsch (G&G GR25 DMR)

hey what’s up marksman this is jet desert fox and today we’re playing at bala hack airsoft in Chesapeake Virginia in this video I am using my g and g gr 25 DMR or designated marksman rifle on my gr 25 I have a Harris bipod to help me stabilize the gun for more accuracy which you’ll see later in the video next on my gun is a pts EPF an OD green to help carry the gun more comfortably the optic I’m using is an aim Sports Recon series 1.

5 to four times zoom CQB scope I highly recommend the aim sports variable scope for DMR platform guns because of the excellent high relief and clear image the aim sports ETV scope also comes with the mount and tool to mount your scope properly to your gun and lastly to record all the hits I am using an etienne shot Trak HDX zoom camera airsofting with me on this rainy day is not rich we’ll be working together to defend the town o move into our light ok so now the options are stay in the tower with solid cover or head down into the swamp and laying wait about another swamp huh you want the swamp oh okay jobs with people shoot there will be any slapping slips okay let’s go let’s gonna get it right okay ha over my shoulder there’s one guy there’s not right here he’s gonna come through here do you want to go from right there okay give a shot I was shot on one okay I got a wing – yo shot – okay one wait wait maybe like a lost Emma listening guy okay one two well yeah some forward yelling forward yeah might as well there’s a big trailer outside of your knees I’ll cover you I think the bad guys are pushing into the sea cuz I you see that guy right there I think that’s a bad guy yeah it’s definitely bad guy yeah sing it out sure that second shot wasn’t an intentional overshoot I wasn’t sure if he felt the hit because of the rain headshot huh on average let’s go back so we can hurry up and respawn unfortunately the game ends before we can respawn back in the next game we played was called chaos teams consisted of about 10 players each once you were hit you can be medic back into the game by either friendly or enemy forces you then fought for whatever team medic to you back in now rich and I come into the game late and are on our own as a two-man team the day’s heavy rain takes a toll on novice sniper rifle and he has to leave the game early to clean it leaving me all alone I get lucky though and find a spot full of wounded players waiting to be medic I set up my bipod and start to pick off players trying to medic or move the wounded yeah headshot headshot the giant group of wounded eventually become one team and hunt me down after being medic back into the game we then get attacked by an even larger force tango nope yes thank you for calling up oh come on tangos down whoa yep yep that’s gonna wrap up this video let me know what you guys thought of the hit markers in the comments below don’t forget to check out Nava Ritchie’s channel link in the description below and in the info card as always this is jet desert fox and I’ll see you on the field


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