Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW It now finds to discover something new that has been transmitted to us by our partner ASP (AIRSOFT PIONEER LIMITED) with which we have an exclusive partnership.

This replica is the SVU-AS 1012 Bullpup AEG SOUL. Given the non-knowledge of ASP company for the majority of French players, we will present this company. The ASP company – AIRSOFT PIONEER LIMITED is a major player on the Airsoft market since 2008.

They have many customers (Network Professional) in Europe such as ASG and CYBERGUN for which they repackent airsoft replicas officially licensed (with the packaging of large distributors). They are also present with key professionals wholesalers (Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic .

..) .. ASP has also developed its business in the United States (Evike for example) and Asia (UFC Gunsmith Baton), ASP is installed in HONG KONG since 2012, they have their offices, their Show Room and their Pôle “Research & Development” They have their own line of airsoft guns such as Sniper Bull-pup AEG- SVU stamped with their logo “SOUL” and are planning to come out soon with an M4 some innovative ideas to discover soon.

ASP is also the general agent of JG Works worldwide, and offers professionals the full range of JGW aftershocks that is very broad and proven with players. To complete their offer, and thanks to their experience and learn about the most major Chinese manufacturers, ASP distributes a large number of known brands like CYMA, A&K, DBOYS, ARMY ARMAMENT, SNOW WOLF, GALAXY, WELL, DOUBLE EAGLE, AGM, GOLDEN EAGLE AND EAST CRANE.

They are also working on a new line of accessories (exclusive Airsoft) dedicated players to improve the tactical and practical in. Professionals will appreciate the opening of an ASP office in France (near Bordeaux), with a dedicated team to develop the brand Pioneer Airsoft LImited and allow you to find their models from your favorite shops and French boutiques.

Europe will also follow from the French antenna to communicate more easily. Let’s move now to package ASP? The replica is held in its housing, a Mag HI-CAP 120 BBS, a swab, a sight adjustment tool, a battery 1200 mAh 8.

4V NiMH and charger with charge indicator, a BBS sachet 0.20 GR, a SOUL medallion with a model of the SVU and its manual. We were looking forward to this unusual replica and still largely seen on land but that should delight Russophile by its design and its ergonomics.

SVU gives meaning to its reduced size and its bullpup design into a replica SNIPER while keeping use in replica assault. It will allow quick trips on land either in the forest as in CQB. The big advantage of this replica is the same length of its inner barrel higher than see some SVD models on the market but with a much shorter body that allows it to have high shooting performance.

This replica is almost FULL METAL except the hand guard and butt polymer handle. This replica weighs 4kg to 920 mm. Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a metal compensator mounted in threaded 14 mm anti-clockwise to mount all your accessories compatible with a silencer which will be enjoyable for players wanting to customize their reply.

Two elements aiming adjustable folding metal, the front sight with the tool provided in the package. Its metal outer barrel receiving its polymer handguard possible to house the stick type of battery on a mini Tamiya plug.

Its folding bipod and swivel allows to be stable with every shot gives confidence in its strength and will be habitable under the handguard with its latch. A metal block trigger body receiving the type of rail SVD / AK for assembling your PSOP TYPE sighting system or a PICATINNY adapter and its handle slightly granular polymer.

Then the main body and cylinder head covers made of metal of very good quality, receiving the usual elements as the fire selector for semi and full, but watch the positions are reversed and the SAFE position also takes into semi, safety will be found directly on the trigger block, then the charger eject button, the dummy head permitting access to setting the HOP UP and its cylinder head cover latch.

It can be seen almost no markings except for a serial number and LOGO SOUL at ASP. His stick slightly vaulted polymer allows rapid installation in the shoulder and gives access to the engine tuning screws.

Then ends with its metal and plastic MAG HI CAP 120 BBS, other SVD AEG chargers will be compatible. Here is the internal details of the gearbox: A HIGH TORQUE motor – a guide SPRING – a piston head and polycarbonate – metal and polycarbonate cylinder head – Nozzle Plastic – Plastic tappet plate – 4 metal gears – bushing 8 mm , a presence of petrolatum on the gears that does not obstruct the operation.

The first internal elements that will change: the spring, the piston and head for reliability One can also note the absence of trigger on the gearbox, the remote system bullpup allows this type of installation.

She receives an internal barrel 6.03 mm 690 mounted on a metal block hopup nicer knob to adjust the zipper version. The result is conclusive to 25 meters, all BBS reached the target. We pass the test to 60 meters in 0.

25 gr The result at 60 meters, but less accurate shots that reach that distance. Here is the review of the SVU-AS bullpup AEG AIRSOFT PIONEER LIMITED complete. Thank Yannick and his team for allowing me to offer you this product.

You can find this product at the retail price of 290 euro. Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW ASP and our partner in the video description. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! See you soon for new products PIONEER LIMITED AIRSOFT so stay tuned !!! I say to you very soon BYE BYE


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