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SUPPRESSED – La Veterinaria | M4 Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

SUPPRESSED – La Veterinaria | M4 Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

Giancarlo Rossi Lévano “Roadrunner/RR” (AA-24) | Location: La Veterinaria “Wow, its a lot of ’em mate!” Chifu [Team]: Holy shit they’re a lot Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team. “Fucking dust, mate” “Watch your leg” “I have no visual” “I’m gonna peek just for fun, OK? “OK, I didn’t see anything” Chifu [Team]: I didn’t see anything either mate “There’s one far away.

You saw it Nicola?” “One that’s behind the hill” “Behind some straws” “Yeah, there’s one on the houses’ second floor” “Check over there” Chifu [Team]: Yes Nicola [Team]: Ares is out! “Great, great” “I’m shooting at the one in the second floor” Chifu [Team]: Be careful Nicola [Team]: Cover, reloading “Copy” “Covering” “We lost one” “The one on the second floor is too covered” “Milan, you see someone?” Milan [Team]: No one Nicola [Team]: There’s one on my mirror “Copy” “If you advance too much the one on the second floor could hit you” “They are more covered than us, and they’re more” “OK, Nicola, there’s one in our mirror” “Left side of your mirror” “Mirror means the other symmetric side” Nicola [Team]: Hey, Gianca Nicola [Team]: From here, to my 11, in the mirror “Enemies?” Nicola [Team]: This mirror but on the other side Nicola [Team]: You have one that can crossfire you “OK, copy” “He’s moving! 2 in your mirror” “You saw him?” “There, there” “2 in Nicola’s mirror, one in ours” “No, I cant hit ’em, mate” Enemy down “OK, I hit one” Nicola [Team]: One in my mirror! “Copy” “Looks like there’s one also in our mirror” “The corner from that mirror and ours” “2” “One in yours and in mine” Nicola [Team]: I can’t move from here ’cause I’ll get hit Reinhard [Team]: There’s one on the car to the left Reinhard [Team]: There’s one behind the car and behind there are 2 Nicola [Team]: House’s second floor as well [Team]: I eliminated one “The one on the house is out” Chifu [Team]: The one on the house is out Nicola [Team]: There’s still one left “Covering Reinhard” Chifu [Team]: I’m going to advance “Where?” Chifu [Team]: To the straws up ahead “OK, I’ll cover you” “Ready?” “They have better angle” “Victor, the one in Nicola’s mirror” “OK, they took out the one in the corner” Nicola [Team]: What corner? “Yours.

Your mirror is out” Nicola [Team]: Hey, take out the one on the car to advance “Guys to the left, take out the one on the car. Sami!” “Behing the car to the left” PJ [Team]: I can’t shoot Nicola [Team]: Left side PJ [Team]: Careful they hit you “No, no.

It’s covered” Nicola [Team]: You have him? “No, negative” “Oh, he’s firing” “They’re shooting from your front, Victor” “Yes” “Do they pass the car?” [Team]: Do you have power, how much? “392” “Near the tyres.

Do you see him?” “Yeah, yeah” “He covered himself” “I don’t have an angle” “Sami, are they suppressing you or not? PJ [Team]: Yes “Almost” “One in the car’s corner” “What?” Chifu [Team]: You’re in their shooting angle Reinhard [Team]: Someone has bbs? Reinhard [Team]: Do you have a mag? “Yes” Reainhard [Team]: Such luck! “OK” “We have to do something, they’re 2 and have us suppressed” [Team]: They’re only 2? “Looks like” [Team] Hey there’s one behind the hill! [Team]: The one over there.

Their’s. [Team]: No, he says they’re 2 Eliminated Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminated enemy team. “Shit” Eliminated Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team. “I don’t see anyone” “Copy” “There’s one over here?” Reinhard [Team]: Yes “No, negative” “There’s one on the right corner, behind a tyre” “He’s retreating” Enemy down “One out” “Copy” Enemy down Eliminated


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