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Summer Airsoft loadout

Summer Airsoft loadout

basically today will be bill our loadouts around was kind of team-based because we wanted it to match so we look first if that’s fifty percent ears off so basically what we all got is OD helmets Tyler got matrix I got mass or tactical the matrix helmets have veteran in BG males but I don’t talk more about that um we all got the same type of goggles different colors and then we all got mesh message into but other than that a lot of it’s the same i’m not really convicted for guns we all have this nice cool green american flag patch Tyler gave me one is shout out to Tyler and we all run black plate carriers I black mass Tyler has our tan a lot more about that stuff and we all have digital pets so yeah that’s a lot of Tyler talk about what he uses hey guys it’s time here give you some below so my head was a matrix helmet put the nice mb gmail and on the back I have a top-tier hazard hatch and my goggles i have gxg goggles and currently i’m running clear lens and then i also have my best path to the ridge right over here OD green I’m just not using that right now because it’s summer and I don’t want to and then i have my plate carrier and i have my full screen and black american flag patch and then right here and then i have my gun this is my GG johor j6 I’m let it will wreck your government fielding 20gb 17 to the vendor and then I also have my one point sling it Condor sling and then I have right here in my little utility pouch map couch admin pouch I carry when I command my pistol which I did not have our label and I I carry two extra batteries from my gun these are 9.

6 volt matrix batteries then i use 3g like mad right here look like this the OD green / tan Audrey also another gate they’re really nice mags be great he drinks with my god i have grounded three those all right here our three hi cat neither made by Dubois I believe these hold 350 around this time if I’m going to camp out I’ll give these and then down here are lone wolf it be to use their grade phone and then I have to have that I haven’t got my tennis shoes on right now but I usually read tennis shoes so yeah that’s my going out I don’t have well I’m thinking about being a hydration bladder but not sure yet you know that’s not what up I was going to jump that check here again oh just going to be talking about what I personally run this is my OD get to striker iron face measurement up no best manage it a little late for you to find us on half masks well I do run that if we have to go to like if we’re playing people that are really good for if we estimate of a field or something but so I just got start from my head and go down so that would be only accessing him so I want a Lancer tactical fast town map which has a flip-down visor I Tammy’s wholesale bad although it was kind of hard to get to so i’m not going to show it but you can get online and look at it so I have gxg tactical goggles and OD green Tyler’s aren’t black I’m rocking the clear lens as I also come with yellow remote buzzes so treated their only Son dollars Oh another thing I wrote it is a lot of fraud has you just like a ski neck gaiter thingy I pull it up this is my alternative kind of to a mesh mask as you can see my god run at all set it’s really good it’s really breathable it’s just extra protection just pop it and shout out the cheeks and Butch takes me up a little bit plus I can go squatch all right anyway let’s keep oh my god echo1 disinfector I’ve had nothing on since the beginning of time no but it’s pretty new still but i’m kinda long live users yeah now keep her going oh I my plan is usually to run either an OD or most nearly fully t-shirt a half or black t-shirt with this let out but I have a and C starved is up technical play carrier say patches time bright green American flag look pretty cool awesome yeah reading a pouch that I keep my phone in I bite if I get a radio lamenting that Mac’s house was bad they’re not very high speed up and impossible to reload it’ll get all night how more utility pouch and then I’m screwdriver right here from whatever the soup we’re going to help press bags I thing right over here q batteries extra bottle babies I should never leave one villager you’re happy but yeah hopefully those up particular so I wanna do this as you can see how hydrating paracord bracelet right here just in case don’t have that some of them but the reason I keep everything on the side this side either lay on my back early problem it makes it a lot easier so yeah that’s basically like you’re wondering sometimes on a pistol on this bail bail I’m not usually i guess co2 pistol i don’t have PCM to support was before you all right finally i have the exact same time their digital camera genuine gear views and i’ll usually run the tennis shoes i really wanted combat boots but it start reading my budget right now I really feel like I need anything else so yeah please leave a like comment subscribe so yeah


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