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Students terrorized by teens armed with airsoft guns


Woods police meanwhile I will look out for for teenagers who terrorized a high school with airsoft guns the four teens were in a car and fired pellets as students were dismissed from Grosse Pointe North High School then the car made its way to Mason Elementary Priya man joins us live in free school parking lot attendant heard the shots and wasn’t taking any chances and Kimberly this parking lot attendant is a military veteran so he knows what gunshot sounds like and when he heard this device being fired he knew that could be trouble now the car was first spotted on vernier right by the high school Mason Elementary just a few blocks away in this quick-thinking parking lot attendant prevented a lockdown here as elementary kids were leaving for the day it’s young kids not making good decisions this is the type of device fired out the windows of a car near Grosse Pointe North High School Grosse Pointe Woods police say four teens were seen driving in the area repeatedly firing an airsoft device or paintball gun from the car windows as school was let out on Wednesday imagine you’re just walking to pick up your cute little kid from school and you see that you know aiming out the car window coming down the road like yikes the device was fired around 3:15 in the afternoon shortly before the dismissal ballot nearby Mason elementary a volunteer parking lot attendant heard the shots and called 911 the chief says every available officer was dispatched to the school police searched and cleared the area preventing a lockdown as students left for the day you know what does one need to do walk around with Kevlar vest now and safety glasses and you know bulletproof glass what does one do how does one handle that no one was injured and the Grosse Pointe Woods Police Chief says these types of devices are not meant to be fired at animals or people if you’re close enough it could cause a significant injury if someone was struck in the eye or another sensitive part that didn’t have clothing attached to it it can leave welts it can they can draw blood from the skin if it’s close enough now the most common injury with airsoft devices are people being shot in the eye so it’s always recommended that people wear safety goggles so you can just imagine how dangerous it would have been for unsuspecting parents and children leaving Mason Elementary last night no one was injured police now looking for these four teens older teens driving in a Chevy
reporting live from Grosse Pointe Woods I’m Priya Mann local for free I know a lot of the schools have surveillance cameras do you know if there’s any surveillance footage of what happened Kimberly the chief tells me there is surveillance video they are looking through it now the question is how clear is it are they able to see a license plate on that video if they can they will be releasing that information meanwhile if anybody has any information or saw anything I’m sure police would like to hear from them Bria we appreciate it


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