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stuck on the bus – AIRSOFT GAMEPLAY


Yout butt, your butt… support it back i don’t … you can pass wait don’t leave me :'( i not gonna leave u xD i will not leave you who shoots like crazy? *Alen: friendly fire magnet* Hi youtube friends, im Nicole finally a new video is here I’ll show you a play with a partner which I met a few weeks ago this make me happy because I will not be the only woman in this universe of men Maka, someone threw a grenade there Where?(maka) there… we can’t move, they are surrounding us the grenades, fortunately, fell behind the parapets therefore we were covered of them the bathroom! I cover our back, stay there Maka, i hitted Valk Maka… but, i “shot” u i’m yellow well, unfortunately after this situation, I was alone Also, when to go back I lost the notion of the field, I don’t know where the enemies could arrive what I knew was that at least two of them were left, I listened to them behind the walls come here… but, wait i will not fit no..(maka) you should try first, i’m a shit to do this things you fit or not? your butt fit? no…(maka) r u kidding me? your butt, your it back i can’t.. yes youu can wait don’t leave me :'( i’ll not leave u put your foot there yes i know I bet they will arrive before us pass your butt throw… i don’t fit… is the velt good bye :'( don’t go (maka) 🙁 i have to put your foot there! i don’t fit! hey, come here throw door…. Really nigga? .


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