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Stryker Airsoft Cheater part 2 and update video

Stryker Airsoft Cheater part 2 and update video

hey guys cool metal smells here and it’s my girlfriend Nikki we’re shooting quick update video on why we haven’t uploaded in a while my reason is because I’ve been pretty busy lately I’ve been like doing stuff like a long weekend why not and like so I usually go like one and three obviously anyway last time i went i know i said i was gonna upload something but i had literally no good footage there’s like 75 people fighting same time in the teenage before so it was kind of the worst thing um so yeah that’s about it for my reason a Brad his computer broke and all of this editing stuff is just being stupid and then good work I don’t know if he got any good footage from last time but he said he did but he never sent anything so any of us so we have like nothing to edit yeah so yeah sorry about that one more thing I’m going to put a bonus but at the end of this video yeah oh yeah one more thing Maya 3 is all jacked up but I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it I tried recording like one of these before and it literally just shut off in the first and second so I I don’t know probably invited but yeah stay tuned for the bonus clips and subscribe comment and like that you wanna call missing my leg literally like my hair oh nice shot like a goodbye are you at the screen


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