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Stronghold Airsoft Shenanigans 2-28-15

Stronghold Airsoft Shenanigans 2-28-15

yeah it’s full heroin Mexicans one for heroin Aljaz to be exactly rocket touch my GoPro sir you can tell you’re up with new take a letter sorry stop being thirsty okay guys guys got a 98 good food guys guys ready finally drops off Jeff you can’t milk steel beam what yeah upload all your footage row yeah I’ll probably cut some of it it’s a lot more [ __ ] what Jake what I do yeah Levi you skipper to what editing kameez I just use movie maker manically Vegas working steady Vegas alrighty very sad or cheating there I love polar stars can’t touch your SMP ooh that’s hot where’s J where’s Jake Martin I don’t have a bed cuz everything we’re gonna fly that’s not gr that’s speed soft that we even are being soft no we’re here guys forget it I I for everybody feels like oh my god I love that 20 Boston with pico de los two guys what’s everybody to go like and then you got any more I gotta change my so why’d you go back to be straight yeah I’m blocking my office you’re on one yeah what’s that do your yes I was screwed my optic is Graham yes god this is how you hold the gun right here yeah we were doing that that’s what we’re doing oh no oh turns around so much it goes back to being normal yes call for shooting that is correct 6000 shot ready everybody watch him 360 you dropped his knife you dropped your knife you for it you dropped your nothing happens you know so hard hey we won’t go hard in the [ __ ] Pope speed talk don’t wanna hit I don’t want to hit I don’t wanna do that oh [ __ ] bra us empty white too hard I’ll go hard in the [ __ ] paint you don’t know that Oh suck it stop doing references that you don’t know I do reference is what I want hey where are you going where you going Mike sweet soft yeah tactical SWAT 50 got this oh I can you I can use this photo pistol I’ll go [ __ ] let’s go oh I got [ __ ] up Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah [ __ ] buddy Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar you get hit oh my god tactical slide technical slide bro I just miss him so hard Jake that so sick why’d you go all right pocket that secret sauce I can kiss it better got shot in the dick you should we should all kiss it better sacrificing position oh did you guys get up please get [ __ ] up right who’s great leave a nice by the way have a drip hey


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