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Storming the Beach – Commando Paintball D-Day – Paintball Wars

Storming the Beach – Commando Paintball D-Day – Paintball Wars

On June 11th 2017 at Commando Paintball in Ottawa Ontario Canada A massive battle between Allies and Axis took place. In a bizarre turn of events the Allies now control the Beach and we must now take it back.

So join me as we attempt to attack this beach with everything we have. I am Axis and This… is my story. Rather than take a boat into battle, AlabasterSlim and I choose to attack the beach from a slight angle.

We are both using first strike rounds and we want to eliminate those players that think that they cannot be hit from a distance. We really are not making a difference here. So now it is time to move up.

I do want to pass some great paintball advice onto you guys. If you are going to bring a camera onto the paintball field, be sure to turn it off between rounds. My zoom cam is now dead and I didn’t capture all of my hit close up.

Now fellow YouTuber DREAMCAM is moving up all by himself on the right. I just can’t allow that to happen. Time to move up with him. That didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, so let’s just head back to spawn back in.

Our Axis commander Rob AKA Trooper has called in a chemical gas attack and the Allies are now pressed back from on top of this hill. If we don’t take advantage of this right now, we may end up pushed back ourselves.

Damn, with TUNA being the first to be taken out and now LIAM, I am the only remaining MSOB MinuteMan left standing up here. It won’t be easy but I will either avenge my teammate or I’ll make this my final resting place on Commando DDAY 2017 I don’t have very many shots left, so I’ll have to do my best to make every last one of these first strike rounds count As the sun sets the beach was reclaimed by the Axis Forces but unfortunately not enough ground was covered to call it a victory.

For the first time in Commando DDAY history the game has ended in a TIE. So join me next year as I will be heading up once again to attack and defend the beach at commando paintball.


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