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Stinger R34 Airsoft Review

Stinger R34 Airsoft Review

hey YouTube airsofting nation here i’m bringing you another review on the stinger r34 i got this gun for fifty dollars at Bass Pro Shop the very nice beginner gun and cut has the four accessory rail mount here and out of the standard and foresight with you can see with all the other guns it has a extendable stock and it can be removed if you’re right there to the bottom you get pull it off it has an optional fire has safety fire and fire I don’t know why they have in two fires but with the older version it is safety send me an auto but I guess they fix that with the new one oh it is spring harbor and as you can see right here this spring car right there um the magazine release is where you push that button down the magazine come out so gone home just magazine better succeed and I copied the what they didn’t block off to do a magazine the magazine pull up to 250 rounds and here you just pull that down push it to the side and shake all the bees in and then you push that when you finish loading you have the passion sister garden and it comes with its length you can see the site here but it’s just it’s not really good site it doesn’t even have the red dot here it’s okay a flashlight and I have a grenade volunteer here in my home made one i’m going to be posting another video of it and a shooting touch of it it this paint job i made to it usually come see through or black um I’m gonna post another video on how to spray paint any type of camel the next suggestion the same it’s a great beginner gun I have this type of gun when that was like my first gun it was I had it for two years it was a really good beginner gonna for Wars I have to say one thing it has a big haha so I suggest you think heavier BB just it so it won’t have it would reduce it top up and I’m going to have a few tests of this i’m going to have a fire rate see you much shop I’m you taking ten seconds and an accuracy test ok youtube this is the second part or test gonna test is going to be how much sauce i could take in 10 seconds with the finger r34 we’re going to start the timer and three two one go stop so how much else is that that was ten shots we got ten shots in 10 seconds so we have 60 shots a minute that’s pretty good ok youtube this is a third part to your test it’s just going to test the accuracy on the Stinger r34 there’s four cans up there and to see how much shots it takes to take all them down okay just go up there you ship me shoot me and I’ll kill you yeah it did this the only thing with this guy i have to say is that the hop-up it’s kind of hard to shoot from back here it’s that’s the only thing with this gun but many boys buying it it’s totally with the money you should get it


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