Home Airsoft Gameplay Stinger and Killer Command a Team of Noobs (Futureball Airsoft Gameplay)

Stinger and Killer Command a Team of Noobs (Futureball Airsoft Gameplay)

Stinger and Killer Command a Team of Noobs (Futureball Airsoft Gameplay)

all right I’m gonna go around the right boy for someone once you’re in three you three okay you’re gonna go on the left side you know past that path that had the three cars on it go into the woods past it and move up that way okay you don’t have to actually yes you just have to make sure they focus on you so that other people can move in okay draw their fire take out as many of them as you can live to be cooked it can get close enough tag the Porsche okay I’m gonna take a few guys we go down that road you know that’s something that they’re doing Oh what you guys can go bet you guys gonna get up to these cars and like suppress the windows you’re missing a guy once that’s it and I will go around to this side we can get them on three fronts yeah I’m gonna go far right and move up that way you can just touch it all you have to do from the right hand from the end right in from the left yeah everyone else who doesn’t currently have a job you’re going up along the right side not the far right just up bite look past this red car just a bit to the right of that her killer you and I you go with them all right you guys are all going left right yeah and then you guys are you guys are going right flesh center yeah he and i are going far-right pillar is this recording yeah yeah yeah you might be able to set up that blue car here hold on what Wilson will set you up you guys if you guys you guys just if you can get up to there get up to there as fast as possible and suppress the windows yeah okay cuz that’s what we get you know caught up a bit guys the windows are hard for the British all right get ready to go switching out Mac one’s gonna be low u-boat Blanco bleep spring we’re going right here here here here although here drop down lower we’re gonna move be moving a little slower than these guys see this blue car here we’re going to loop around through here so we stay below this hill and push up as soon as we’re right behind that ready go straight up stay down can you get a shot ports all that one guy got last time wearing the yellow stuff he does you only really need to be able to shoot this fight you just need to like call out targets and stuff you know maybe not what she’s responding yeah and if he and if he gets if you got guys flanking up just get that just make sure he knows it all right ready you’ve already been spotted this guy back there pretty sure he sees us yeah he sauce it’s opening fire there’s no way he’s gonna be able to hit us yeah killer move on drugs find cover somewhere yep taking fire watch out killer guy in the top window killer there’s a pink block just on the left side on the left side wear pink block yeah no no I don’t see anything see that barrier there I move up to that ready that one right over to the left right Oh give me he’s not going to hit us what hey killer we got a guy in the top window these guys are the back portrait Oh pinning me down yep yeah I know some of them are hitting like about five feet in front of me though I know they’re shooting at me hey killer get some of those guys on your left to move over to the right alright sniper I’m gonna cross over your field of fire okay hold your fire I’m moving what what were you saying alright ten-four hey I’m gonna be moving up these guys at the cars just give me a little bit cover all right hey guys got a thing as I got a mana I need you guys to move over to the right a little ones if you’re down underneath the hill and move over to the right more we’re going to salt the right flank yeah but go down underneath the hill and move up on the right we’re gonna solve the right flank but make sure you stay low haha fell over all right go just go guys stay low you guys to the right to the right go to the right farther to the right what yes Johnson cat class oh yeah yeah he’s right there he’s right there you soon he’s helping out cypher lean that way right there go to him killer get back here we’re gonna new usual okay shout windows look clear


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