Home Airsoft Reviews STG44/MP44 AGM Airsoft Review Présentation Française

STG44/MP44 AGM Airsoft Review Présentation Française

STG44/MP44 AGM Airsoft Review Présentation Française

hi everyone this is abuse 13 for a new arsov street you so we go present to you the young guard 44 from agf so first of all this mixed rite to 496 So this is quite high so a little fertilizer can be expected which you buy it in and in full metal so from there to there as well as in wood the France is made of wood the company that the charger is made of metal so I will metal of a handicap 170 so it’s not bad the fire selector is here so when it is most towards that side when we know that to stick in the middle of me and when it is later to score 101 auto after in there we have the pop up so there you can force to see something green I find poured the pata mollier to model because the people were actually moving and therefore playing the concepts of dough model for that moves more So here is the end of the barrel which is visas so for this live good you put its little tab here and then you can turn a hand it’s a bit boring tying them no here and at the butt there you have a little storage in the big voice the mud and the German soldiers had a small bottle of oil here is the location of the battery puts in the butt and therefore you manage this little gouly tac after tac and more katia and therefore the location of the battery goes into la croix la rega plus because m so here is this replica weighs 4 kilos so it’s a bit heavy but it’s ok because the weight is well distributed on the spike so finally I mean it is not a only one side l epal weight all forward all back so it’s okay again she provides with all that so together a devo rod breaking a 8.

4 volts and 1000 mhz and 200 million battery therefore loses the lead and therefore fart we will braille note of battery arrives at the test of the thirds plus that a small one rod which tightened with the knurled loaders the eBit in fact it is like a another wheel if you want that’s how it’s going so there are seven sight which is adjustable as on the acca a little here is Pakistan that’s all here it is I think that they also have the aim so now we are going to proceed to the test here are our relations test shooting we are going to shoot in the barrel over there and so we are distance of 30 meters so there I put it in seedlings and so there by car so here it is now we will see the impacts ah yes by the way there you may have noticed that not the butt because as I told you earlier and made me change battery since the original battery no longer works so here So here are the impacts you see that it is not that it does not hurt at the end thirty meters you have not lost its appearance is therefore I tell myself I played a game of airsoft and I can tell you that attack is good big big impact on the skin so here is a small gives grade and maybe planned so here this video and do not hesitate to put a like me to subscribe to our channel for more art videos go


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