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[STF12 Fabarm – BO Manufacture] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[STF12 Fabarm – BO Manufacture] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the STF12 shotgun under official FABARM license from BO Manufacture This spring model exists in 3 different length versions and in 2 colors each time: black and Tan The model that I present to you here in video is the 18 inches with TAN color The bb gun comes in a simple polystyrene packaging covered with a simple cardboard box On this one, we find mainly the visuals of the different versions of the bb gun, the Fabarm logo reminding that thios one is officially licensed and the usual warning messages regarding the practice of airsoft Inside, under a protection plastic film, we find a generic user manual about spring type shotguns in French which describes the basic operations for this type of bb gun A BB loader A bag of bbs 2 shells with different colors A set of sights The STF12 Fabarm bb gun And finally, a cleaning rod The only metal parts of this STF12 are the outer barrel made of anodized metal and the shells ejection hatch All the remaining of the body is made of thick ABS that exudes strength The pump, the pistol grip, the sling attachs and the top rail are also made of plastic The stock ends with a rubber coating 1 sling attach is present at the front of the bb gun and a second one at the back, they are present only on the left side The markings are realistic since the bb gun is realized under official Fabarm licensing Most of these are engraved except the serial number A false ejection hatch is also represented in the form of a specific engraving On the top and bottom of the stock will be noted the strong separation of the 2 plastic parts that compose it regarding moldings markings, they are very light on the trigger guard and the pump The pistol grip has engraved patterns A standard RIS rail is present on the entire upper length and a second smaller one, on the pump to fix, for example, a front grip The stock of this STF12 is fixed and ends with a rubber pad for better support and comfort Regarding firing safety, it is traditional, a 2 positions push button behind the trigger, allows to activate or deactivate the blocking of the shot, of course when we see the red, we can shoot On the side of the trigger guard, it is the lever of opening of the hatch to place the shell that we will find, to do so, it is enough to pull it backwards and the opening is done perfectly We just have to insert the shell in the right direction and close The shells will not always fall alone and sometimes it will be necessary to help them The aiming sights are classic and plastic made but they have the merit of being present unlike other shotgun bb guns The rear aiming element can even be adjusted in height using a dedicated screw Otherwise each aiming sight unit has a different piece of optical fiber to facilitate the aim Last but not least, we can remove and reinstall them easily with a simple screw The screw at the end of the rail is completely dummy Good surprise with this STF12 Fabarm from BO manufacture, 2 shells are delivered as standard: 1 red and 1 black They all have a very good finish with painted markings These have a capacity of 30 bbs allowing 10 shots since this STF12 fires 3 bbs at a time Note that this bb gun is also compatible with ASG shells, for example As you can see, out of the box, the pump is very hard to arm I assure you, it improves a little with the time and we get used to it But we are not helped, to my taste, by the too smooth appearance of the plastic and the lack of relief on this one, a pity that it does not offer a rubber coating for example Fun detail during my in game test, the bb gun I have is so impressive that I was very often “gun out”, so it acts as a shield of ooportunity This series of shots illustrates one of the problems of this bb gun: its range Even if it is a bb gun for CQB, do not expect to easily reach your target beyond 15m, here the player is at 20 meters and all my bbs fall before and when I get up to comvent, I touch the low tree branches During my shooting tests, I noticed that the ideal distance before losing in precision is 10 meters But during my shooting exchanges, I was surprised by the handling of the bb gun regarding its size that allowed me to make beautiful fast shots To conclude, this STF12 Fabarm from BO Manufacture turns out to be a quite correct spring shotgun It has a very nice finish for my taste externally compared to its price The content of the accessories in standard is also very appreciable The only negative point is for me the problem of range but if you play in CQB games, this problem will be less felt and this type of bb gun is anyway more for this use You may also have problems pumping and work on this part could have been improved but it is not dramatic.

Thank you for watching this video A big thank you to Soft Air Sensations in Caen who was kind enough to lend me this bb gun Do not forget to like, share and comment on it if you appreciated or not Also remember to subscribe to the channel and my various social media This will certainly allow you to not miss any future content, to follow my news and show your support See you soon in an upcoming video


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