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St.baker- Airsoft Loadout

St.baker- Airsoft Loadout

you’ll watch that people it is airsoft warfare just start my new account transponder going back camera just kinda messed up and I’m coming from my ipad me a little bit be showing me nothing that i have and run off the best guys but I’m not bring them out to the light p 90 his bottom line comes with my magazine Oh communication tools promoter all the five-way systems are very nice guys for building no lo I food up to these I have the second chance baby 12 earth 36 of our motors toast with five packs this 10,000 but two of the paths it’s a touching the bottom now and I have some lady my friend Amy at school for children ok binoculars these Samson monoculars the case but over here I have a temperature and compass thing so like water and then over here I have the colt 1911 or if I could I something to talk to you guys about after don’t tell you guys after mag move over there there’s my water satchel that carries more water my airsoft mask or the other or but it guys because I have to tell you is the m4 and that in my next video which is very first I’ll a lot of these spray-painting the two guns you’re a longer shirt there’s also a friend over


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