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SRU Precision SNP-10 Airsoft Kit Review // 3D Printed Airsoft Railgun by Callsign: Reach

SRU Precision SNP-10 Airsoft Kit Review // 3D Printed Airsoft Railgun by Callsign: Reach

Shell! I lost my rifle and I’m running low on ammo! I need to use that experimental sniper rifle! Shell: It hasn’t been tested. You might get hurt What? Why do you care? I’m a cyborg! Shell: If it malfunctions you could ruin your boyish good looks Shut up and load the protocol.

3d printing is the future of airsoft. And SRU is on the frontier. This company made a name for itself with its line of exotic 3D printed body kits for popular gas blowback rifles. The SR-SNP-10 kit is the company’s first product made for spring powered airsoft guns.

Built for the popular Tokyo Marui VSR-10, it aims to turn the classic rifle platform into a highly versatile sniper system. My kit arrived in a clean cardboard box. Inside, I found instructions for the kit and a smorgasbord of parts.

Luckily, there’s a good amount of sound installation included which is great for screaming into while you’re trying to figure out how to assemble this thing. Corporate had me put together a detailed assembly guide for this kit.

There should be a link in the description and a video annotation at the end of the review The kit is composed of a few primary elements. Here, we can see the stock… Grip… …Receiver and new bolt handle, trigger guard and trigger assembly, and the new barrel shroud There is also a bag of smaller pieces that contains the trigger mechanism and nuts and bolts for the conversion process.

This kit will fit both Tokyo Marui full-length and G-Spec variants of the VSR-10 The G-Spec Barrel is the same length and width as the shroud but the kit includes a spacer if you want to convert to a standard VSR-10 The gun I converted is a clone of the Marui G-Spec, which I picked for it’s considerably lower price point.

While it is a clone of the Marui, not all of the parts fit exactly as intended because of the guns lesser build quality. I would suggest using the Marui model to avoid similar installation issues. I also picked up SRU’s custom fore grip.

While this isn’t included with the kit, it gives the rifle a unique look and gives me something to hold on to when I’m getting ass kicked on the field. The installation process is fairly straightforward, though I think the arrows in the instruction manual could be a little more clear.

Basically you strip your VSR-10 down, install the new bolt handle and then build the kit around your barrel and hop-up assembly. The total installation time took around an hour. Some things to note: this kit requires you to remove the gun’s safety and install the magazine latch from the old VSR-10 body which can be a fairly stressful process because of the size of the components.

You also have to remove the orange tip of your rifle to seat the barrel properly. As you know, Corporate mandates that I stay on top of safety protocol at all times. So, I suggest attaching the orange flash hider or suppressor of your gun when transporting it.

Externally this kit is absolutely beautiful. It’s so unique looking with its futuristic curves, enhanced grip, and unique stock assembly. It really feels like the sniper rifle of the future. The muzzle break at the end of the barrel gives it an intense tactical look.

The left side of the gun features the SRU logo, the SR-SNP title, and the company’s name. On the right, a .50 Cal marking is prominently displayed beneath the bolt. The addition of a top and bottom rail opens up plenty of customization options.

The top optic rail is also longer than those found on VSR-10 rifles. A shorter overall length and the addition of a standardized rifle grip allow for easier handling. This kit also includes QD sling mounts integrated into the stock.

Now, this kit is loosely based on my favorite movie gun of all time, the TST ChemRail which was designed by Aaron Beck and featured in the movie Elysium. This thing is literally an airsoft railgun Which is unrelentingly cool! After assembly I was surprised by how robust the gun felt.

It’s very sturdy. The angled grip is a welcome change to the original VSR-10 and is arguably my favorite part of the kit. Now aiming is extremely smooth and can be done naturally from any position. The ridges on the buttstock are a good touch, but don’t do much to secure a hold on your shoulder.

The rounded cheek rest on the stock is a bit too high which makes aiming with lower face protection difficult and will likely require the use of a riser when using some scopes. The top rail has integrated iron sights that can’t be used because of the height of the stock.

However, the stock is comfortable to aim and it eventually grew on me. After mounting a scope I had no problems acquiring targets. The new bolt handle is made of the same 3D printed plastic as the rest of the body.

Initially I was concerned about durability, but after firing it around a hundred times I think it’s safe to say that it’s reliable. I still wish that it was made out of metal but I’m not worried about it breaking The bolt operation is smooth even with all of the new components and makes a pretty cool sound.

Re-chambering is fast which is great for making those quick follow-up shots. The new trigger is a flat straight pull trigger. It’s attached to a bar that pushes against the normal trigger inside the gun similar to a bullpup rifle’s firing configuration.

It’s firm and has solid resistance, but still breaks clean. The hop-up bar is completely exposed on the left side of the gun. making for easier adjustment on the move Overall functionality is great. The gun feels good to move and shoot with Aiming, running, and crawling with it in my hands feels right.

It adds practically no weight despite its bulkier profile, and it fits naturally into the hands of the shooter. I Love the smaller profile. It makes it easier to sneak around with and maneuver indoors.

Even better, it doesn’t affect the base weapons performance, meaning that it shouldn’t interfere with your aftermarket upgrades. Its looks increase the sense of futuristic immersion, and the modular additions will allow it to support a variety of roles.

The one big problem that I experienced was with the magazine. It simply won’t stay in the gun because of the release latch. As I said before this kit requires you to switch the old latch into the new body.

The latch hardly held the magazine in before conversion, and the new kit only made the problem worse. I had to hold the magazine into the gun during testing because the button was jammed and wouldn’t grip the mag properly.

I purchased an extended magazine latch because of this problem, which is more money on top of an already steep price point. While I don’t entirely blame the kit for this happening, I feel like it would have been better for SRU to include a pre-installed magazine latch on the rifle that would be guaranteed to work, because installing the entire kit just to have a malfunctioning mag latch hurt usability is downright disappointing.

For an overall amazing kit, this is a severe downside for me. The SNP-10 looks amazing and it’s awesome that it’s 3D printed. Installation is pretty straightforward. The SNP-10 adds unique features and is a lot easier to handle than the original rifle.

It’s surprisingly sturdy and fulfills a variety of roles. I can tell that a ton of work went into making this thing feel authentic and professional. It feels good to hold and operate and adds functions that the original rifle lacks.

That said, the lack of a safety and the magazine problem is a serious usability concern. I don’t like you have to remove the orange tip to install the kit properly either. For the price, I think it’s worth buying if you really want something that’s going to stand out.

It’s unique And if you’re willing to put in the work, I think it’s a valuable upgrade That’s the thing with railguns, though. All of that power is impossible to restrain. There’s a reason these things are still prototypes.

They’re downright dangerous. Despite all of that… why are we still shooting BBs? When we can shoot lightning.


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