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SRC Sportline M4 SR4 Airsoft review (with external mods)

SRC Sportline M4 SR4 Airsoft review (with external mods)

hi everyone and welcome to hurry no collectibles where today we’re gonna be taking a look at this awesome piece of machinery right here so this is the SR 4 it’s an SRC sport line gun which like I said in my previous video I believed to have gen 3 internals basically so you’ve got the external body which is cheaply made in this case by dragon you can go ahead and check out right there it’s also made by bulldog and a few other companies as well so wherever you are in the world you could buy it from you know different companies and they’ll have be different just it’s basically just having their own print on that bit of external so there’s lots of features that the regular SRC guns have that this does not so the majority of this is plastic the you know term Sportline basically means you know it’s going to be better for you know sporting around in a skirmish you know it’s lighter so it’s easier to use it’s going to be easier to maneuver around you know after a full day of skirmishing so that’s you know a cool thing but obviously it does detract if you are more into the kind of real steel kind of thing and milsim it might not be for you but this was just a great way to get my first you know cheap AEG basically with fantastic internals and it does have fantastic SRC details in terms of the gearbox and everything and they are fully upgradable with you know all the relevant SRC parts and that’s fantastic so just real quick the box that it comes in let’s see which way is it there we go you know it’s your standard SRC box now this is you know slightly modified the externals of this gun is not how it’s going to look and I’ll show you what it does actually come with stock in just a second so here we have a hundred point two grandbabies which are actually pretty decent BB so I would actually recommend using these it comes with this stock mag right here which is plastic and it’s not a wind-up it is a low to mid cap it’s supposed to hold about 50 I have loaded up to 90 in this before it’s just what the manufacturers say that it can hold but it can’t hold more I wouldn’t recommend trying to push you to those kind of limits but if the spring can go down more than you can hold more here we have a high cap it’s a 250 again I’ve loaded up to 300 units so you know it’s just what the manufacturer likes to sell it as but basically this is a four metal wind up to 50 there’s a bit of a size comparison of that’s just a tiny little bit smaller but they are sold by Bulldogs so you know they are sold as part of this gun if you’re in the UK this is the stock stock that it would come with but I went ahead and purchased a Magpul stock instead and it’s the the second version that has the little clip on the front here so that it can kind of hold it in place a bit better but it is a six point adjustable stock right here so that’s the kind of range that you’re getting in it can stop in six places basically then you just push this front down locks it in place it’s got the rubber book plate right there it’s absolutely fantastic it would have the standard kind of you know carry handle a our style sights on the top there but I went ahead and just replaced them with this real simple red dot sight for turning on basically I’m not I don’t have any idea oh there you go you kind of saw it for a second there there you go you can see the red dot right inside there and if I move it the other way it’s green simple as and then it’s got a couple of iron sights right there on the top as well basically it’s a British star sight and I just think it looks absolutely fantastic on m4s and they they are used with some in for well some AR platforms should I say so moving to the front of the rifle we have the Magpul handguard right here again it’s not stock so this is the kind of thing that would have come on it just in two halves I didn’t have to kind of modify this because it was meant for a gun that has the star on the d-ring this doesn’t have that so I had to get a dremel and heavily modify it both ends to get it to fit but I got it to fit and then I’ve got this foldable four grip right there and also just put some rails right there just makes it look pretty cool I think so you know this site right here you cannot take that off it is all molded you cannot do anything with this barrel it is completely molded solid that is one major downside to this that you can’t take the site off with pins because then you could put epic you know floating barrel kind of things on there but unfortunately on this sport line it is molded all as one but it does mean that it’s a lot cheaper so it does affect the price quite a lot which is you know a really really major side to this thing so that’s fantastic the mags right here that like I showed you you know those were the standard ones so these here are the Magpul pmax which are just absolutely fantastic if I go ahead and move this right here so basically they came in this awesome box so I got five of them so we get seventy-five round pmags that I just think look absolutely fantastic and I really make the gun pop and they really really do suit the rest of this gun right here as you can see it’s so light with it being a sport line that I can just kind of throw it around so just a quick look at the firing features basically over on this side we have safe semi and full auto and it works absolutely fantastically the selector switch is nice and solid at each position it does have the assist right there that does move in but obviously it doesn’t do anything you do have the cocking handle which does allow you to get to the hop-up but unlike most AR platforms it does not open this little door right here you have to actually manually hold that down and then you have to go ahead pull this then you can get inside there to use the hop-up that’s not all that great of a system they’ve you know save money right there by just not putting this on a cache which i think is just ridiculous so that’s the one thing I’ve really kind of hate about it but you know you can still access that hop-up you’re not going to need it you know that often so I’m fine about it really so that’s pretty much all for me to talk about this thing pretty standard off platform you know it’s the most common style rifle you will find in airsoft so let’s go ahead and take a look at how it fires and see what the FPS of this thing is is at about 40 feet there’s 20 times between me and the targets and each slab is 2 feet long so pretty easy to figure that one out so first off semi-auto now it’s got some full auto and now let’s find out how hot this thing is firing so these are point two six millimeter bb’s three five six three fifty six and three fifty four so as we saw that very very nice the accuracy of this thing out of the box just using like the iron plastic sights was okay I just slide this in just a literally for like five or ten minutes just before that video and it was pretty windy down the side of the house too and it performed really really well I know that that’s not a super long distance but it did really really good human-sized targets are a lot bigger than cans so you’re gonna have even better results also you know the FPS as you can see the average there was ranging in the 50s that’s fantastic that is about the max limit of you know most UK skirmish sights so absolutely fantastic as long as you put a good battery in this it will tank low pose it’s got really good SRC internals so you’re gonna be able to keep up with the best the best so you know you’ve really really got some good cheap hardware that if you go ahead and upgrade like I have to suit you and to make you love it even more then honestly it’s an absolutely fantastic Buy and I must have for a first-time skirmisher so guys I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the SR for an absolutely fantastic rifle if I wanna check out more pictures go ahead and check out my Instagram tell me know one two three and the link is in the description below where you’ll be able to check out stuff of you know everything else that I make videos up in my collection and I hope you go ahead and check them out and like it – there’s a link in the description below to a video that I just did that I’ll show you other kind of weapons that I have that I can go ahead and review for you soon so go ahead and take a look at that and let me know what you want to see first and to see more airsoft videos go ahead and subscribe so guys and I’ll see you next time


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