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Spetsnaz Loadout! – Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Ps4

Spetsnaz Loadout! – Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Ps4

what is up guys this is mg kids here today I’ll be showing you the spittin as loadout now I’ll actually be showing you two seperate loadouts they’re basically just different guns on both the different loadouts just because I thought there’s so many good guns so he needs for this loadout that I would have two different loadouts for this particular class so let’s get started with the primary weapons now the first primary weapon is the PKM I don’t know if you’re gonna notice this but I will be saying the actual real-life name not the fake name they’d given the name I don’t know why they do that but I’m gonna say it to you anyways so as you can see here the PKM is 100-round the LMG and commonly used within the soviet union and stuff like that so I thought that would be the perfect pick next on our list is the Saiga 12 shotgun now this is a fully automatic shotgun I don’t know if you know this channel is it’s called FPSRussia it’s a guy who just shoots guns and it gives out information and it’s just really funny and really cool it’s for anyone really any that’s why he has so much subscribers and I mixed like the number one like guy for like guns on YouTube because he’s just pretty funny and he has a Russian accent too so it just makes it that much better and that’s basically it it’s a fully automatic shotgun if you haven’t seen his channel go check it out it’s really fun next up on our list is the Makarov pistol now this is a nine-millimeter for the Soviets and I think James Bond used it on double-oh-seven like Quantum of Solace and up higher up I forgot the the most recent one that’s coming out or that just came out like a year ago and then there’s also a new one coming out but I know I think he uses the Makarov pistol in most of his videos our videos most of the movies and on to our next set of primary weapons our next primary weapons is called the panther cost 3 this is actually a real-life launcher it looks kind of weird but when I looked it up it took me a while to look up I had a look up like a list of RPGs and I finally found it and it’s really cool looking and don’t get why there’s like a spike at the end of the missile or the rocket head but I think it’s for like armor penetration or something like that I don’t know I’m not a huge guy like I don’t know a whole bunch about guns but that’s what I’m guessing so it’s pretty cool-looking I thought about using that and then also on my next set of primary weapons will be the aks-74u carbine and it’s just a small you know 8k carbine rifle of the just regular a K brand on up next on our list I really didn’t want to do the Makarov pistol again so I chose to do the Uzi because I know that the Uzi is actually used by the Spetsnaz they do have their own modified version and which is not on the game but I thought this would just be just as close to it and that’s basically it with the primary weapons now I will switch back to the other class and show you the support weapons now the support weapons I chose smoke grenade stun grenade c4 charge the Molotov claymore sleep grenade hand grenade and flared your name I chose a sleeper nade I don’t know if it’s in route if this is actually in real life I’m pretty sure it’s just fantasy just like the game or it’s just in game you know what I mean but I chose to do it anyways just cuz I thought it’d be kind of cool and act of it as like poison gas or something like that like tear gas or something I don’t know all my items I chose just the night-vision goggles I didn’t want to remove this shake is just like a pain in the ass too I mean you could use like a cardboard box and [ __ ] but like I mean who’s really gonna like yet again I said this the last video who’s gonna use a cardboard box in the middle of a battlefield now for buddies you will have no buddies no vehicles and your character will be any other character besides snake because you get the head option of like a ski mask and uniforms is just standard wool woodland so let’s get started 600 what is up guys I am back in the kill zone now my objective is to take this whole outpost with this class but we have an uncontained sitting here as a side mission I did not expect so as you can tell I started a strike and now I’m gonna go rush up onto the base and I’m allowed to use the strike you think I want a fortune [ __ ] that’s allowed I have a lot more freedom I just don’t think they know that I’m here killing off their men’s okay like they’re not even alerted and I’m just like massacring them with this PKM oh [ __ ] like iron sights on this bad I didn’t notice that the grass like actually like used to cut off in the shootout it okay I think it’s time just playing [ __ ] is our began our PR I’m gonna run circles I’m trying to find this that was close I don’t know why I shot like a Maggie knew him you guys saw that right he didn’t go down I was still a lot of Emma on just that one guy I don’t know where I was getting shot from behind those [ __ ] I think I should have waited so I fully healed it’s okay it’s awesome I do not like those shoes I should get a side mission I didn’t what’s up blogger and tell me well they’re like full long right oh [ __ ] that was easy I captured this [ __ ] hmm let’s finish this off but by filling the tank people that guy oh they’re glad you see okay that was easy on to the next load we have to chop me oh [ __ ] miss Hardy a helicopter that should have able to either sneak past enemies like down la campagne now I didn’t tell guys I’m using the anti anti tank but now I dropped into the enemy down I know a she actually comes over he’d that thank God Oh dirty grenades [ __ ] technical difficulties with this bill usual times before but I sadly don’t luckily I have I believe I was maybe four but I don’t know there’s a second thing I think that was the thing to think I shot before luckily I stabbed your name where’s my advantage I know then I feel like up here and I think I just shot shot of the launcher I got intense real click on it he didn’t complected gun [ __ ] there I thought it was gonna make you all think I’m right there will no clue I just went the [ __ ] now they know who where I am where did that guy oh [ __ ] oh oh that’s nice and even you don’t dodgy I think it’s dead thank you cleared it oh no kidding yes that’s not that guy no and just look through that oh [ __ ] you lift through that adding complete Commission I don’t know if you guys know this I think I already I think I already spoke to this road my logic controllers I have a new controller it feels so great to have a new controllers I already said it but give me a sec while I find this guy all right found them and I did take over the tape it looks like with no ammo I didn’t notice that guy holy [ __ ] okay I got one an aglet and still not yet captured give me a cooked egg loss on this job there you go guys you know I did that because there’s a bunch of people just like burning in the fire right there so yeah that’s spitting out his load out 1 & 2 hope you guys like the video not much good fortune to be freaking out don’t know if he’s in on the background mg he gives out they told me to stop the settlement


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