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Speed loader airsoft review

Speed loader airsoft review

hey YouTube it’s XO men with a review on speed loader and tips and stuff how to use it and how do you so first off speed loader my m82 magazine so you have this and when you push it down babies come out out of here so gotta get all those pigs out crap a lot of using so pretty much go like this into the top of it so let’s teach how you do it now be getting into more detail kind of stuff so let’s get a close-up on this side is the block this is the lock to you’d push this down this this thing has to be down a locked okay so it’s on open right now press back now it’s on walk alright so and if you if you’re just like like pushing it down here it will probably get stuck so i’d recommend just holding this and keep pressing it down this down and it has to be open to get this open because at the beginning I mine was not really broken in so I had I was like where they can see you so I was pressing on this and I had opened this and trying press on it or get it up or whatever because I knew I’ve seen out speed loader before but i realize that i actually had to get it up but on later on i would be pressing it down you know just be getting stuck down here so and i figured out if I just hold this I could keep going like this getting all my babies out so that helps so yeah pretty simple actually the mechanism here is Phoebe’s come into here and there’s a spring here and you press it down and it misses the bees down and then the thing comes up and then the babies come into it that’s pretty much how it works so comment and subscribe if this review helped you and I will make more videos on more airsoft stuff back


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