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Specna Arms SA-A01 airsoft review

Specna Arms SA-A01 airsoft review

I’ve went to 2 skirms with the Specna Arms SA-A01 from Gunfire, and used it throughout both skirms. Marcel used it on a third skirm so, by now we could tell you, what our opinion about this airsoft replica is.

Lets start with the externals. Its made from metal from the top to the stock. The stock is made from plastic together with the pistol grip. Theres flip-up sights on the front and back, so its easy to mount a scope in between them.

USMC markings on one side and on the other side theres KAC, the maker of the real-life counter part. and the upped and lower receiver are just a standard M4. Theres a fire selector, bolt catch, bolt release sorry, mag release, trigger, everything you expect to be on an M4.

And the front has, a silver outer barrel and a lot of rails to mount accessories on. The length of this replica with a folded stock is 70 cm. And with an expanded stock, 80 cm. As a comparison, my M4 is 77 cm with a folded stock, So this replica is 7 cm shorter then my M4.

My M16 is 100 cm, and a G36-C that I have lying around is 69 cm So the SA-A01 is about the size, of a small G36. With all the metal you’d think that this would weigh a lot, but it actually weighs in at about 2.

6 kg. My m4 and G36 weigh 2.8 kg, so thats a difference of 200 grams. My m16 weighs 3.3 kg. So in comparison with the other, replica’s I have lying here, this is a nice small and light feeling replica.

You really feel the 200 grams more in the M4, the SA-A01 distributes the weight, a bit more evenly. Something I noticed right away is that the build quality, on this replica, is very solid. Especially for something in this price range, when you shake it, you should hear a lot more rattle then you do now.

All I can hear now, is the front-sight, that wobbles a bit, and the stock moves a little bit. And normally, my 16 is in the same price range but made by Dboys, it has the same rails set-up as this, and that wobbles around a little bit.

And here its rock-solid! For me, this is a big pro for this replica, its built really solid. Something I think is cool next to the build quality, is that the bolt actually works. Move the charging handle back, the bolt stays back, and just like in real life, press the bolt release, the bolt snaps back, and this metal part snaps back in place.

And the fire selector really clicks nicely, instead of feeling loose, like on some replica’s, you really hear and feel it clicking from position to position, something I really enjoy. dan de interlands we hebben een metalen keer box met het experiment is een stem Then the internals, we have a metal gearbox with quick spring release system, which means you remove the upper- and lower receiver, so you can access the gearbox, then theres a screw that you untie, so you can change your spring.

I presume, because of the budget price range, that you, need to look at the grease job on the gears, I guess its the yellow snot thats on there a bit thick. And check the shims, to see if the gears connect optimal, Let see, if I pull the charging handle back it reveals a metal hop-up unit, which performed well with me, when I set it up it gave my BB’s a nice back-spin, so they fired in a straight line.

But it was a bit loose, so I set it up in the morning, and after the lunchbreak, before the second half of the day, I needed to adjust the hop-up. Its a bit loose and with the fire’ing, it vibrates back to a less optimal position.

So through the games you’ll see your BB’s, get less range. Its a common “problem” of entry level replica’s, because, with a more expensive replica you invest more in build quality, and sturdiness. But I think you can solve this problem by just tightening the screw, on the hop-up wheel.

This makes it a tad harder to set it up, but when its set up, it should hold a lot longer. The replica’s FPS is to hard for Dutch standards, I believe, its around 400 fps. But Gunfire downgraded mine to around 340 fps, and the FPS was really consistent.

During the FPS test it got around 341 and 338. It was not disappointing and good to see! The rate of fire was 14 BB’s per second. A very nice number, given the budget range this replica is in! Of course we tested this replica on the field, I went to 2 skirms with it, And Marcel also used it on a skirm.

My first time using this was with Veluwe Airsoft. I mainly used it on auto, nothing happened that should not happen, despite the magazine wobble, which I fixed a little bit with a small piece of tape.

And I made some nice hits with it on auto. Of course I needed to wind up, the high-caps, and it performed really well. and on our intro skirm I used it a lot on single, it was the second time, I used this replica, I set up the hop-up at the start, I used it in a forest with some bigger ranges, and even on bigger distances I made some cool hits with it.

Despite, the fact that you’d think you’d have less range because of the short barrel. I really did not notice that. So on that skirm it performed really nice as well. The downsides, what I experienced on this replica are, the dustcover broke fairly soon, when I close it, it wont open with the charging handle, I need to open it with a screwdriver from the top.

Gunfire assured me that this has to do with this single replica, and not with the entire line. And the hop-up that is a bit on the loose side. Another thing that broke fairly soon is the screw on the stock, at veluwe airsoft I already lost it, but I found it back.

I was just in time, I heard it fall, but Marcel at Balls and Arrows, did not have that luck, so it got lost. And lets see, what else there was, Its a bit difficult to get the battery in here, open it, extend the stock, retract the stock.

Its a bit difficult, but I imagine you just get used to it. But on a whole, its a really cool replica that performed well, I made some nice hits with it and enjoyed the 2 skirms I attended. The price/quality ratio of the Specna Arms, SA-A01, its still a nice, long name 😉 is very good, especially when you keep in mind its an entry level/budget replica.

This costs 177 euro’s at Gunfire, and this gets you a nice looking, very solid, replica, with the risk of some small things breaking earlier then expected. When you invest in more expensive replica’s you have less risk, of something like that breaking.

But it still can happen! But you end up paying a LOT less for this, so you can easily, add a replica like this, to your collection as a CQB replica, next to your M16. Or use it to bring friends along or just start your airsoft career with.

Its a very cool, solid built replica, that wont look bad in your airsoft collection. Gunfire made it difficult for me to decide what to pick on a skirm. Usually I just go for my M16, which is a meter long and weighs 3,3 kg.

So this is a very welcome change when I’m halfway through the day, and I’m a bit tired from carrying my M16 around. The link to this replica is in the description, if you want to take a look on the website for yourself.

And if you see me carrying this around on a skirm, ask me and you can try it out for yourself!


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