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Socom Gear Barrett M82A1 (M107) Airsoft V2 Madbull | German – Eng Sub

Socom Gear Barrett M82A1 (M107) Airsoft V2 Madbull | German – Eng Sub

Welcome to the BB2K Airsoft Channel My name is Bruce and now i show you this monster here. A Socom Gear Barrett M82A1 Version 2 It will appear a GBB version shortly. It call M107 here you can see how beautiful the Barrett moved with shell ejection.

I thought before this baby is retiring I show you again what this AEG can. I wish you a lot of fun Do not forget to turn on the subtitles. Have fun Coming to unbox the Airsoft. the Socom Gear comes in this “beautiful” cardboard box 😉 For over €1000,- $ I would have expected more! For me as a collector.

…a pastic case would be nice. If possible almost exactly as the Real Steel case. Since there is a Pelicase. But this would only get more expensive:-) I unbox the airsoft, because you want to see how the Barrett looks like.

A small cardboard, this makes it even more exciting. the content. A certificate of Barrett. There is a licensed 1:1 copy with all markings. Then we have a manual A History of Real Steel M82A1 A comparison Real Steel vs.

Airsoft version The other pages are a instructions for assembly. The Airsoft is supplied in two parts that we need to assemble. In the small box is the magazine I’ll show you a closer It’s huge. 15 cm wide! Here is a comparison with my hand.

A huge magazine of steel. Then we have a monopod. The upper and the lower part of the Barrett We are now building together. I unbox all. This is how the baby looks like. It has a length of 96 cm. For comparison, a VFC HK417.

I just see the magazine. The 417 Magazine is already very large. Compared to the Barrett 417 Magazine disappear:-) The magazine is huge! incredible we now assemble this monster. we need space:-) First, the bipod must be unfold.

Then the monopod is installed. I show you at this point the internal parts. It is a really “hollow goose” 🙂 much space. Since this is an electric airsoft, it is driven by a gearbox 2. as a Airsoft M16 or M4.

There is plenty of room for the battery. now i show you the slide. The slide is a thin sheet. I will show you closer. Continue with the assembly… Second, we must remove the two secure pins . Now I grab just off the lower part.

The magazine also. Now we need to extend the barrel. This is not the original length. which is the same even longer:-) The rubber buffer comes back and the spring is clamped here. It’s like the Real Steel.

The barrel is movable and intended to reduce recoil. In an Airsoft naturally nonsense but this feature is cool. Now we build the parts together. This part is applied here. pushed forward the BB feeding.

The slide is pushed back, slide the feed forward and put it together carefully. The feed back to the gearbox. and close the slide. Use both lock pins back both secure pins back in postion. Finished the assembly.

Now just insert the magazine. Here it is: the Barrett in the assembled state. 145cm, 9 KG (12KG with magazine). The weight comes from many metal parts. The Airsoft is made entirely of metal, except some plastic parts.

These are also at the Real Steel: the handle, the monopod and the butt cap The rubber handle, . Everything else is metal. I will show you now the steel parts. There are built about 80% of steel parts.

My magnet shows you the parts: the upper, slide, The handle, the Lower, the monopod and the bipod. The rail, the barrel and the Flashhider are made of aluminum. What is missing here? A Scope is not included with the Airsoft.

Not so bad i think. It would only become more expensive and you can freely decide which scope you want to use. I show you now the Markings On the Lower are these Markings: Before handling rifle….. ” Then we have caliber 50, M82A1 model, serial number 20557 and patent number.

The Selector shows only “SAFE”. The Selector has 3 positions: SAFE – SEMI – FULL Here in Germany the Full Auto mode is disabled. That’s not bad, since the Real Steel has only semi. On the other side you can see the Selctor with FIRE or SAFE Unfortunately this does not work for the Airsoft version.

These are all the markings on this Airsoft. Here we have the “F” for the German market. I’ll show you again the moving barrel to reduce the recoil, like the original. Now it’s time for a chrono. According to the manufacturer, it is 1.

25 joules. I’m excited to see what I can do. i shoot with 0.3g BBs from Airsoft Surgeon. I’ve reached an average of 1.3 joules. A very good value for 0.3g BBs. Let’s look more closely at the magazine. There is also made of steel.

It includes a normal M16 airsoft magazine. Here come in up to 190 BBs. Here the wheel for tensioning. The magazine can also replace (Midcap is installed). What I find particularly that it is a 1:1 magazine.

I have a decoration shell in caliber 50BMG. A huge ammunition! This fits in wonderfully. Nothing looks out. Seems to be all original. The last proof. I have an original M82A1 magazine. Here the comparison.

everything is the same! Now I try out whether the Real Steel magazine fits into the airsoft. This is the Real Steel Magazine. The Airsoft magazine out And now the original magazine Fits:-) It’s time for Rock’n’ Roll! A scope is mounted and I go to 25 meters.

Do not forget goggles on. Loaded and go. It is a nonsense for a AEG…. … but it sounds so cool! Once again, and then we go…. wauh Since the Barrett is a sniper rifle I went to 25 meters. I shoot 20 shots on this target.

The target has a size of A4. 10 shots go on the left and 10 shot at the right zombie. The result is very good. This is due to the Madbull Black Python barrel. And I had almost no wind. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these Airsoft.

Absolute pro for me is the 1:1 licensed production of Barrett. Hell heavy. 9 KG (12KG with magazine), many steel parts. This is what plastic is also at the Real Steel case. The Magazine 1:1. The original magazine fits even without problems.

A crazy replica. You can move the barrel, you can disassemble the Airsoft as the original. The criticisms. There are a few. The handle is shaking a lot and can not be tightened. However, this is by the design.

The price is very high. 1300,-€ i paid for it. You get a lot of metal for that:-) The Box, this Cardboard … i don’t like it. I would have imagined a beautiful plastic case. Last criticism. It is an electric airsoft I would have liked a GBB.

The this wish comes true but soon. A few months ago the first videos of the GBB variant were shown. You can say “version 3” The M107 GBB Airsoft gun. As a further point of criticism is killed. The M107 comes in a nice case.

I’m really hot on:-) The system is very impressive. A shell in 50BMG is filled with CO2 Then comes a 8mm BB in this shell. The shell are normally loaded in the magazine. With the power of the CO2 the BB is fired, the slide transported back and ejected the shell.

look this video here. Absolute madness. I am glad it right! The price is also known for a few days. It is 1200,- USD Not for us. The “Kotte&Zeller” Company will be again the importer forGermany. The price will be utopian .

. ‘ll see. Maybe I am doing a Review of the old and the new. I hope you liked it. My first review complete with spoken words. Request of many peoples in my channel, who wondered why they only hear the ticking of the clock.

My lamp has just passed. It has become a bit dark. The battery is empty, my review is completed. everything fits. I wish you a wonderful weekend. I hope we meet again in the next Review. Beautiful advent, does it well.


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