Home Airsoft Cheaters So this “pro” player called me a cheater..

So this “pro” player called me a cheater..

So this “pro” player called me a cheater..

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h. subject. this guy is cheating I don’t understand what you mean here this guy is a trick What bune amk mhm. After the match, report him for cheating. Furious. Son. Hahaha. I guess you don’t want to lose.

you ran like a boat : DD. SELAM YOUTUBE SELAM REDDIT SELAM TWITTER SELAM NEWS CHANNELS CLOSE CLOSE The man is already dead boy where are you looking OOHH nice cheat men) FUCK YOUR GELSEN HELP ETSENE OROSPU CHILD ™ The first time I played sg My second time playing sg Kappa Valve if you don’t nerf this gun, ske your dog


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