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Snowball Fight – King of the Hill @ Panther Airsoft

Snowball Fight – King of the Hill @ Panther Airsoft

make sure we load up on these bad boys Cooper: WMD’s Pat: Oh my god… Get your hands cold boys your gonna need it Poi: 3… GO! Peter: I F#$% your mother! oh! Michael: Ah HIT! URG! Poi: Back to your spawn if you are hit I got middle building common boys! OH HIT! Hit! Call of Duty this S%@#! BOYZ! URG! Poi: Carl your hit! Michael: HIT! Poi: Michael is HIT! Poi: Patricio’s team is holding the meme hut Max: Of F#@! Oh F#$%.

.. Cooper: F#$% you Peter! You fat bitch! Cooper: Oh biffed it Poi: Oh that counts, that hit your boot Peter Dan, there could only be one common baby Ahahaha! I kill you! I kill you! Michael: Oh your done now! Ohhh!! Poi: Pat you are out! Michael: F#$% you! AH! HAHAH! OH! OH! What the F#$% HIT! Dan: Urgggg Poi: 4 minutes! Uhhh Fu Michael! Come and get your ass over here! Get your.

.. Michael: (Screech) Ah! Oh S#@$! He’s got armor! Poi: Shield hits don’t count! Peter: Oh god! Poi: Guys still need to hold it for 2 mins! He’s already tired! Michael: My eye i can’t see! Hahaha! Michael: I’m blind! HAHAHAHAHA! Max: Lets GO! OH! Hahaha Poi: 10 Poi: 9 Poi: 8 GO GO GO!!! Poi: 6 Poi: 5 Poi: 4 Poi: 3 Poi: 2 Poi: 1! HAhaha Poi: Stay where you are, let me see Poi: Who’s still alive Peter: Naw they won.

Cooper! Wooo! Peter: They won with a full melee Poi: Clutched! Poi: That’s it game over guys! Good Job! Peter: It’s not my fault half my team is fat! hahaha!


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