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Snow Sniper – Cinematic Airsoft Gameplay!


Oh what’s up everybody it’s good to see you back I hope you liked the intro and now let’s do somewhere today they are not two but three opposing forces so we must fight two enemies at the same time the goal is to take control over the city which is occupied by one of the forces right at the beginning with our surprise that they are already positioned in the nearest building which we didn’t expect we’ll have to move step by step against well hidden enemies and snipers inside of the building this is gonna be really hard since there is little cover between us and the buildings moreover it’s really hard to see them inside whoo let’s see what we can do about it mom let’s check that again yo Bob this guy got really lucky one of the babies went straight through the bushes and hit me right in my glasses never mind let’s try the open area maybe we’ll have more luck here but the problem is that one enemy is in the building’s to my right and the other enemy team is to my left leaving us right in the middle between the two forces which is not a good position there are enemies all around me this is not a good place to stay for long I have to fall back a bit to get better cover a device I’ll get hit soon he got hit which means I’m in the range as well let’s rush them and see what happens these guys are enemies rushing in to cover just like me Oh Justin Justin my buddy Spyder is gonna join me soon but just when he gets to me we receive an order to retreat back to our respawn for new combat tasks if you want to find out what happened later don’t miss the second part which is gonna be up soon hit the like button if you enjoyed the gameplay and consider subscribing thanks for watching guys and see you next time in the meantime keep playing airsoft and be fair to others it’s an awesome sport enjoy the final biro see ya


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