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Snow Sniper – Cinematic Airsoft Gameplay!

Snow Sniper – Cinematic Airsoft Gameplay!

Hi! It’s nice to see you here again! I hope you enjoyed the intro and now we’re going to work! Today there are no 2 but 3 counterparts so we have to fight the two sides at once the goal is to occupy the city which is occupied by one party right at the beginning we were surprised that the enemy is already stationed in the nearest building which we did not expect.

we will have to proceed step by step against well-hidden enemies and snipers in the building This will be very difficult because there are few shelters between us and the building moreover, it is very difficult to see them inside.

we’ll see what can be done about it. let’s look at it again. this player was very lucky. one of the balls went through the bush and hit me right in the glasses never mind, let’s try the open space. maybe we’ll have more luck here.

but the problem is that one side is in the buildings on the right and the second enemy team is on the left so we are right in the middle of the enemy which is not a good position enemies are all around this is not a good place to stay long.

I have to withdraw to have better coverage otherwise they’ll get me soon. a colleague got it! which means I’m within range too. I’ll run up to them and see what happens. these are enemies and they run into cover just like me .

.. Spider will join me soon but just when he gets to me we receive an order to withdraw back to the corpse for new combat missions. if you want to know what followed Don’t miss the second part, which will be online soon.

Give a like and consider subscribing to my videos and see you next time! In the meantime, play Airsoft and be fair to others it’s an amazing sport! enjoy the final B-ROLL! Hi!


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