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Snow Camo CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 #Review | Combat Arms Reloaded


Hello, how about players, Jidic here and this is the third video of reviews, yes after 84 years ago here a third review of the Combat Arms: Reloaded. This time I bring you the review of the Snow Camo CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1, yes, quite long the name of this SMG, so with you, the review… I remind you that all the reviews that you will see here on the channel are in the Reloaded version of the game since it is the version where the new weapons are released and later on they will be moving on to the next versions of the game. So we started with the Information section, so this Snow Camo CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 is an SMG, that means it is a Sub-Machine Gun and with it gives you good mobility, fast shooting and is focused for body encounters to body The description of this CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 is that it is ready for winter battles. It is a light weight so you can move quickly on the snow, so the camouflage fits completely into the environment. The rarity of this SMG is of Epic Grade with it will have good characteristics, but with the disadvantage that it will not be very easy to achieve. This CZ Scorpion joined the game on December 27, 2018, along with 2 more weapons of the Snow Camo series.Now we go to the Specifications section, so we start with the Shooting Mode, as an SMG has the automatic shooting mode as the only shooting mode. And as I mentioned a moment ago with the rarity of the weapon, as statistics has a damage of 34, mobility of 98, fire-rate of 375, an accuracy of 73, recoil control 69 and a range of 2450. In the bullet capacity section, this SMG has a magazine of 30 bullets and a reserve of 90, having a total of 120 bullets in 4 magazines by default. The Snow CAMO CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has the possibility of total modification, being able to place it, Silencers, Scopes, Magazines and if it were the case that it has type of bullets and additional precision, they can also be placed. Now we are going to make a comparison between this version and its default version, this Camo version is Epic, while the other one is Common and we can notice that it has an additional 3 points in the damage, 3 more points in the mobility, 1 point additional in accuracy, 5 more points in the Control and an additional 200 points in the range. It’s time for the Media section and we’ll start with the animations that this SMG has, here we can see when we take it out of the backpack, when we shoot, when we recharge and when we run with
it.The silhouette or icon of the weapon when making a kill is the same as its default version, here are some examples when I have killed 3 BOTs. I have done a test to see the firing pattern here, for that I went to the Shotting Range and I have made shots with spray and at 10 bullets, you can see a 2 meters and another 5 meters. By last section, it was time to see me fail my shots, it’s a Gameplay of a Elimination in the Death Room map. .


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