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Sniper VS Sniper | Airsoft Sniper Scopecam | Canadian sniper

Sniper VS Sniper | Airsoft Sniper Scopecam | Canadian sniper

no way oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness hello everybody welcome to another scope cam video as you guys may know at popular soft we were nominated for Best channel and player spotlight for 2016 you guys want to help see the channel growth give us your vote otherwise just keep watching the video because that helps support the channel as well hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you do remember leave a like and a sub i am gonna go down on the right side here by these bushes see if i can get a angle at that guy in the car, crossing you leo CROSSING! CROSSING! *Insert Weird Noises* Which window? got one oh right in the head oh sorry dude that was like the ear come on someone get through there oh I got him, ya positive attitude ok if you’re going to move, move now he moved.

.. okay were good how are you guys looking up there? Call that! thank you. come on! there we go come on that’s not polite thats just not polite right in the mask YESSSS baby! ah okay im hoping this camera is picking this up because there are alot of bushes here.

but you know its not the bushes fault i guess there you go no way oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness that might be the sexiest shot i have ever made. *still fan girling* that might be the sexiest shot i have ever made.

I got that guy again oh that’s so cool oh my god I love that guy thats’s two shots this was the guy in the window of that but that was the most amazing shot i have made today. It was impressive! and i did it twice you did it twice somebody like stuck their their dead rag out the that was me, that was you!? oh that was beautiful yeah, you got both of us but i was like that *laughs* so cool! oh my god I love that guy that’s two shots come on right off the helmet, oh yea I must have them terrified in that bus dude *breaking 4th wall* dude being you guys, i just, no one around me here but, yea the guys in the bus there must be a little frid AY JACK! WHATS UP!? the left side of the tan container is a dude.

you mean the red one yup *innocent giggles* watch the bus *Man screams as he charges in* oh, HIT! did you get get behind me use my dead body well slightly dead beautiful got a guy, straight right here hold on im gonna line it up, okay right on your shoulder okay stan they’re hammering the bush on our right well its a good thing that one of them bulletproof bushes right I feel like it is i love those yeah they’ll be best bushes can any of you retreat get to the top of the hill and fire down, oh shit i can I have range yeah, shit i’m going to do that i’m going to top of the hill, can i get by you are you alive, can you move got it, scooting ok let uh, lets get up there right there shit shit got one ok ok where are my four mags, here nothin nothin shit completely out of ammo wait, is your gun full? shit oh sorry did you shoot me? yea i did, oh okay ah you’re not out if you shot me go ahead thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed like i said at the start if you guys can give us a vote of popular airsoft will be a ton of help otherwise I appreciate you guys watching the videos um and get ready because tuesday there’s going to be a bunch of stuff about shot show you guys hope *stuggles alot* eyes open you’ll see some videos


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