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Sniper Loadout Challenge! [BO2 Zombies] Origins #4

Sniper Loadout Challenge! [BO2 Zombies] Origins #4

shy pack-a-punch the b23r up to you I wouldn’t it’s kind of do p it’s fully auto I don’t know it’s gone but he eats up ammo well I’ve extended clip but so it has more ammo oh it’s a China thing the Cobra this guy doesn’t have a jaw he literally doesn’t even have a jaw ah hesitant he just died no it’s more like I shot him ah oh oh it’ll look like a gunshot I thought he just died just go over though Oh time to go time to freakin go oh crap flappity of course oh boy I bet a little get away get away to the week to figure who much bigger boats I know I know I know I know I’m running I’m running a bit ability oh my god get out of my way boot good I don’t have a shield I just realize that come on guys yeah a couple shots at the boom Hill done he’s done just a couple shots that’s all I need I demanded that you do what I say I demand that you shut up yeah a little bit more gratitude I’m risking my life for you little girl ahhh zombie that one zombie ruined a I almost killed one of the guys know Tommy I got him and there’s a mex oh please get that I need that I don’t know it’s in a bad spot though I was a fair shot actually I can get it maybe I wasn’t the heat guess you’re good i think i can get it oh my god that was lucky max oh these bullets count boom Hilda reload oh god the guys here good uh I’m gonna go for that nuke he’s done get the nuke i freakin threat hobbies gallier you’re freaking lucky that we’re set up well all the robot so we were set up Anthony kill a couple zombies and then get you okay I’m trusting that you will not be killed if I leave Oh monkeys oh yeah i’m hong hua b23r time in other words point hi come on [ __ ] haha look at that point my boom hill there’s already almost out what the [ __ ] that’s because I killed the two Panzers with it damn what wow screw it i’m back to punching this what beats what they are Oh on my way don’t you try to get that I don’t understand it up first before I could throw a monkey ah that help why did it have to be so far away really wow it’s a lot of zombies I think that explosion took them down for good I think I got most of them I got them all and max yes thank God it’s good oh you don’t even want to know don’t even get me max you should pick up your Max’s drum yeah and I should pick up a shield I could have used that a while ago what is that over there wonder if the bliss is any good back punched you know I don’t know ah boy we’re almost at 25 almost almost it’s not think about it girl oh wow this is great I was an instant kill to wear well what defer shaking screen Oh God time to go how did I keep a stash oh nice oh oh wow keep shooting them I have a max here for when we’re done oh god haha sorry I had to pick that up and run away cuz I was reg for some reason I don’t know how that happened jeebus alive though oh then points now I am so holy crap I’m sweating oh that’s disgusting yeah I looked at my shoulders that are not my shoulders right I’ll bet red armpits freaking sweating terribly hey that is friggin funny why is it dark whoo it’s not my robots coming this way go good oh my god my armpits are sweating that is weird yeah yep that’s what oh god that smells disgusting are you Todd I can’t believe that I should that much that’s why I surprised oh I’m just sitting in a chair and it’s 71 degrees in 71 degrees it’s not even on and it’s the middle of winter I think my body heat is like radiating no one’s walking away from that blast oh my god this is great the extended mag version of the b23r gets 300 bullets that’s not bad that’s potentially 3,000 points without killing them just from getting like impacts I want that dollar pints this is double points down there I kick in well I don’t know why I just did that I just went up on top of the thingy oh yeah yes I’m just remember is that one okay we go away from Yost dano this be 23 yards getting me so many freakin points there’s no need to buy Emma now that three guns really it isn’t like i haven’t even touched it ammo for the ultra yet great i’m about to get three guns and now you should if you can get a be 23 or extended mags it’s not that bad because you get more ammo with the extending down is that a max oh my god max wow I want to get the golden shovel so I could get more um purse well if I’m real kick you have any zombies not really like one or two all right keep them and this will make it a little hard but she’s looking almost too easy you said you had something i did i’m gonna mill kick you might have died yeah i thought there with you so I could kill exotics then points the holy crap I think we could do this yeah shut up I think I don’t know shy think shut up I’m the situation you’re not shut up see hahahaha up that guy you just did I did this all up help me holy crap how many i weakened one of them really badly so if you I think I us know oh I almost killed one oh ok thank oh good oh I just killed three of them at the same time haha Anthony go I just killed three Panzers at the same time no joke I killed why do you why fly fly fly fly fine I killed three freaking Panzers at the same time get me out of here mud hate you hey did you just take off oh god oh crappity your second was sticking around Wow mlia how am i alive right now Oh sabot Jambi once we get around 25 this is finally accomplished I’m gonna just keep circling with the sky moines it’s too many of them where the [ __ ] are you guys they’re all dead except Anthony it’s all they do plan he’s like where are all you guys come down never just like well considering it’s only uh huh breach oh I gotta get that what is it fire sale oh yeah I can get I am your character so I can get another gun monkeys Oh gonna throw one just for the Ackerman oh ok I got five seven two wheels dsr-50 o [ __ ] are not taking me down oh I’m leaving though so remember guys it’s the sniper class challenge or the sniper loadout challenge how many zombies you have a lot good cuz I want to pack a punch this dsr-50 used to the heat cuz you’re gonna burn in hell well yeah I debt just set me off completely just then I got I got a max and no so much for Packer punching the DSR all right a coupon Chinese no matter what I’m going right in there [ __ ] impact punching and cone right out oh yeah don’t monkey monkey I don’t have anyone left I have a monkey in toilet your whole done go right now yeah who just give me what days let’s go that worked out way too amazing what are you doing I’m gonna let you be on your own all right okay what am i doing anything this way oh that’s awesome dsr-50 do you saw 350 JJ JJ JJ JJ today now let’s hope the round does it end like it did last time oh god oh I love these things whoo ya bday mo just so much ammo it’s been two bullets peaceful these things alright so you get dope will you get fifty percent more am I not double crap don’t move I’m coming to get you why’d you die how did you get me I didn’t get you all max is shown survived a chemical my message tone ohh oh my gosh that’s great what that’s a thing oh sweet how do you revive it be oh that’s freaking funny walking away from that blast who what is that the master strode let you wall that’s freakin nuts that’s a dope I did not think you could do that but ok hey its goals all our joint I forget uh double tap hey should if I got double tap all my guns would do double freaking damage rendered screw the thing with the golden shovel we’re never gonna be able to do that Dad oh no one’s walking away from that blast boom Hilda all i can say is thank you for not letting me joy come on come on no wow oh god I lost something the Alaska what you did you lost this are nah can you get me please anything of course it’s the same freakin spot I always die in can my max is Jonah well my access trail went to the table good okay all right I have the boom Hilda with 26 bullets i can defend you from one side I’m running around I’m trying chill okay this is not a shield on right no sir me oh yeah no I can’t no I don’t I died what yeah and the my stomach are you gonna be able to get me no there’s too many at least get through the round will get the round 25 though oh don’t you freaking die oh crap don’t you die just no just keep on freaking running I thought this soumya complete haha okay holy crap Anthony is good here’s those i do not think they could have survived that if they did there are more trouble than we thought oh that looks badass well this Cobra it’s like all crystal like there’s no metal parts in it oh it is literally all crystal what your fudge okay what are you doing and you go to stamina will get around 25 oh my god I’m not gonna I’m just gonna stop talking shut up just shut up oh my god Anthony oh boy ha ha ha ha what ha [ __ ] ha ha ha ha ha couns I don’t care we’re putting it up that’s right sorry fight it no one argue oh my god ok so that’s it for the sniper load our challenge we did we did it we did it we did it goodbye


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