Home Airsoft Cheaters SNIPER Climbs Tree and KILLS everyone

SNIPER Climbs Tree and KILLS everyone

SNIPER Climbs Tree and KILLS everyone

what’s up guys my mission is to make sure nobody passes checkpoint two The area I have to observe is huge so I decide to climb a tree to get a nice overview I don’t shoot the enemy in my crosshairs yet, since I can only see a small part of his body I will wait until he’s more exposed so that I can take a clean shot I received information through my radio that our base is under attack.

They need support I have to get off the tree to support my team This hiding spots provides great cover and a view directly into our base There is a ton of enemies who already made their way into our respawn we’re in trouble Have to clear it so that my teammates can get back into the game again Today there’s almost no wind and I can make some sick long-range shots with my ssg 24.

But today’s game For today’s game I’m having a new M107 gen 2 installed in my rifle which boosts up my muzzle energy to 3.4 joules with point 4.6 gram BBs That guy right next to me keeps eyeballing my ssg 24 sniper rifle It’s quite funny to see how much attention the ssg 24 is drawing on the field because in this case it’s not me that guy has no idea that I’m that sniper Gameplay dude from the internet the enemies kept pushing and finally managed to infiltrate the town we lost this round sides change Now it’s on us to attack the base due to the game rules their enemies are only allowed to respawn as long as the checkpoints belong to them We first gotta take down those two just extremely hard to conquer the base with enemies constantly coming back from the respawn For some reason nobody protected base point one, seems like the enemies are not coordinated at all This is going to be a quick round Checkpoint two is right in front.

There’s only one last guy left while there’s four people attacking him It’s just a matter of time until he will fall Now that base point two fell we can move along the river from both sides and attack checkpoint two from two angles But we have to move fast to not get shot by the people defending the base Checkpoint two is down, it’s time to rush the base We rifle got shot.

So I’m not allowed to use it anymore time for some full auto blockage We successfully captured the enemies’ base Hope you guys enjoyed this gameplay if you want to see more airsoft sniper related stuff follow me on Facebook Instagram and snapchat This is Novritch, I’ll see you guys on Monday.


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