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Sneaky Hunt! Airsoft Gameplay – HD 50fps

Sneaky Hunt! Airsoft Gameplay – HD 50fps

Hello people from the internet, welcome back my fellow airsoft comrades! Here goes a new video about a game I played a while ago. Our team has a mission first, to defend our positions and drive back the enemy assault, then later on to reach into enemy held territory and secure the keys needed to deactivate a bomb.

Now we are setting a defense line to break the advance of the enemy team. We cannot move further ahead because there are field rules to prevent players from stalking on the respawn areas of opposing teams, thus we have to hold up strong right here in this position.

We have a great advantage as we can keep behind cover and let our enemies expose themselves while they struggle to press forward. At this point my bbs where hitting bushes right in front so I didn’t start scoring any kills until I noticed.

A first-time player just got killed because she failed to hide in cover. Immediately after, the team mate to my right falls, leaving my flank exposed but I am ready to engage (with the enemies). Here a lucky shot manages to get through the bushes in front and hits me.

In the time it takes me to reach the respawn and come back, the fight is still frozen on the same spot. My team mate gets shot again so it’s up to me to ensure that no enemy players break through the frontline This time I reposition to the left as I see more enemies pouring through this flank that threaten to push us back.

I move silently and use the camouflage of my uniform to blend with the vegetation so as to remove the advancing enemies without them noticing me. From this position I can still partially cover the right flank and deny access to the enemy players.

The enemy team is certainly not expecting me to be here and so I am able to punish them, inflicting several casualties without even getting seen. Finally, I receive some reinforcements coming back from the respawn so I’m no longer on my own defending the line.

I use a decent amount of suppressive fire to keep their heads low while our new fresh forces reposition. As the tide changes in our favour, we push the line forward a few metres. I notice an enemy ahead but I don’t have a clear shot so I prefer not to risk exposure The enemies get more vulnerable the closer they are.

Same happens with this guy here but finally I can’t resist the temptation and make the mistake of shooting him. Looks like I missed the shot. This ultimately… gets me killed. Now that the defence goal is achieved, it is time to reach out for the keys held in enemy territory, so we don’t come back to the defense line and instead start pushing through our opponents to reach the new target.

One of the allies on the spot warns us about a hidden enemy sniper dressed in ghillie suit just ahead. As it appears I locate him and shoot him dead. Only that it was not an enemy sniper but one of ours.

Oh dude, I am so sorry! Mmmmh, But you know, shit happens have to move on. 😀 After karma having come back to reclaim my soul for the wrong deeds, I decide to shift further to the left to take a more risky route into the enemy territory.

I try to gather some people to follow me but none will so I’ll make it alone. I inspect the opening ahead and try to identify potential dangers as this zone is held by the enemy. Then I realize there’s a friendly sniper hidden to my left and I convince him to cover my passage into the enemy zone.

Surprisingly, the enemy players are not expecting an attack from this direction so I easily cross behind their lines completely unnoticed. Then I identify all the soldiers nearby and procede to eliminate them swiftly so I can then search for the keys and extract back to friendly held areas.

And finally, there are the keys! But stupid me, of course, I do not see them in spite of having them literally hanging on in front of my face. Now this is pretty shameful. Whatever, gotta keep moving or I will get killed.

I decide to try to reach for the game referee to ask him about further instructions but I get killed on my way there and then the game ends. So, that’s it for today, hope you had some fun watching me play.

My good knowledge of this airsoft field coupled with a good camouflage certainly worked to my advantage, being able to use stealth as a weapon and cause some headache to my adversaries. As always, consider subscribing and turning on notifications.

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