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SLOW MOTION HEADSHOT – Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

SLOW MOTION HEADSHOT – Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

What’s up guys Today i have some Sniperbuddy Fabi gameplay for you It is the first round after lunch break Therefore most players are very slow due to their full belly we use this to our advantage and rush as fast as we can towards the enemies respawn If we are fast enough we can get behind the enemy without them noticing the building we are in is clear which means greenlight for us time to take down some enemies we shot all the enemies in the middle of the field now it is time to crossover before the players we just shot respawn now we are in a building where no enemies will ever expect us this is going to be fun Fabi is preparing his grenade for the people he can hear chatting upstairs Fabi heard people coming up the stairway it’s time for his Marui HI-Capa (pistol) he noticed that there was one more guy in the stairway to distract him he throw his used grenade up the guy got so scared he just called his hit even though the grenade didnt go off now that the stairway is safe again he can focus on sniping the enemies with his SSG-24 Again some people want to disturb his duck hunting session he uses the same grenade tactic as before there’s to many of them he has to back up a grenade ended Fabi’s kill streak this was a great round of Fabi’s the footage just watched was pretty much uncut since i wanted you guys to see which tactics Fabi was using hope you guys enjoyed watching, this is Novritsch and see you guys next Monday


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