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Slovak Military GEAR & EQUIPMENT [ WFOS ]

Slovak Military GEAR & EQUIPMENT  [ WFOS ]

so welcome in this video we will show you gear and equipment we use in slovak military from a basic mandatory gear to advanced tactical and combat gear if you are more interested about our gameplay videos check the links in the description below basic stuff you get after few hours signing all the papers contains two times complete slovak digital uniform vz2007 with petrol cap two pairs of birds two short sleeve t-shirts two times thermo long-sleeve t-shirt and trousers different types of socks belt pc97 jacket sweater or fleece jacket vc 2007 winter jacket military bag some old creepy leather bags clothes for cleaning and working sleeping bag track suit shorts and sport t-shirt essex running shoes winter cabin gloves pajamas a dining set a gas mask m10 and jp75 chemical suit and also cleaning set for boots all this is your personal stuff then you need equipment for training like plate carrier nms and vz2007 camouflage tactical belt ballistic goggles and helmet 75 liters backpack tl98 includes quick release system it’s easy to use and your backpack belt stays in place tl30 is a smaller version of tl98 without quick release system it’s mostly used for daily routines weapons vc58 cz 805 brand or hmk 416 depends on unit most likely for now it’s fizzy 58 falling stock version for marksmans it’s svd and for machine gunners it’s uk vz59 sidearms or pistols vz82 or cz-75 shadow and glock 17.

something heavier is rpg-7 and rpg-75 most of this stuff like uniforms and gear it’s really hard to get if you’re a civilian but it’s not impossible we’ll put few links and websites at the end of the video where we can purchase these things legally here is a list of equipment you will not able to buy uh foreign my uh let’s go now it uh uh ah no you


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