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Simulacrum Ep. 3 // Airsoft FABARM STF12 + Javelin Super CQB M4 Cyberpunk Airsoft Gameplay

Simulacrum Ep. 3 // Airsoft FABARM STF12 + Javelin Super CQB M4 Cyberpunk Airsoft Gameplay

I’ve intercepted a direct brain hack, from someone within the facility– We found him. Shell: Forgive me for being cautious, but we did find you on the side of a mountain not too long, ago. You sure you’re ready to be back on the job? Reach: Yep We’re reinforcing the rebels as they try to seize the Krios facility.

We back up the rebels, we lay the groundwork for Corporate’s subsidiaries to move in once Krios gets pushed out. Plus, we’re putting some pressure on the local competition, right? Shell: Hell yeah. Reach: Let’s enforce some protocol.

Shell: Contact! Reach: Engaging targets in sector one. Shell: Don’t forget We’re meeting up with Gabriel the current leader of the New Tanegashima rebellion. Reach: He’s got information on Krios’ core infrastructure.

That’s our payment for providing assistance down here. Reach: Target destroyed. SERVAL PA: This area is under the protection of SERVAL. Private Contracting. SERVAL PA: You are in direct violation of New Tanegashima law.

Surrender your weapons and turn back or you will be destroyed. This is your final warning. Reach: He’s dead Shell: You’re out! Reach: Got to make sure the job gets done. Reach: We’re in. Start looking for our contact.

Shell: Positive ID on Gabriel. Reach: Are you Gabriel? Gabriel: You must be the contact from Corporate. Reach: Yeah. do you have the information? Gabriel: Open up your local comm systems and I’ll download them your OS.

Reach: copy Reach: That’s sound… Oh, shit! Get to cover! Shell: hostile source code detected. It’s targeting the rebels. They’re engaging one another. It’s just like last time! Reach: Shell, I still have control of my, body.

Why the hell, isn’t it affecting me? Shell: Unclear. i’m trying to trace the source I’d advise you to pull out. Shell: SERVAL. is pulling back. All cerebral communications have been severed Reach: Where’s Gabriel? Shell: We lost his signal he’s still down there.

Reach: Dammit… Reach: I’m hit! Shell: We have the information on Krios! Get out of here! Krios Manufacturing is a proud part of New Tanegashima’s biggest construction efforts! As one of the world’s only mega employers, we’re putting the you, back in Zaibatsu! Looking for an exciting career in construction, data entry, or drone maintenance? Krios is the right fit for YOU! Talk to your local recruiting officer today, start working tomorrow!! Krios Manufa-


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