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Simulacrum Ep. 2 // CQB Airsoft P90 Gameplay at Valkyrie Airsoft

Simulacrum Ep. 2 // CQB Airsoft P90 Gameplay at Valkyrie Airsoft

Reach, be advised Shell: I’ve detected some sort of anomaly. It’s interfering with the local operating systems of the staff on floor zero. Reach: What’s going on? *grunts* What the hell was that?! Shell: I’ve intercepted a direct brain hack from someone within the facility.

Systems are still operational. Reach: Alert shift to Code One. Guns up. Shell: Hostiles detected. Shell: It’s facility security… They’ve been hacked. Warning: they are targeting you. Reach: Broadcast to all operatives: if they’ve got guns up, smoke ’em.

Splash one Reach: Shell, I need to know what’s going on. These guys were friendly ten minutes ago. Shell: Solid copy. I’m running a scan of all local protocols as we speak. Reach: Push up! Reach: More targets coming in.

Where the hell are they coming from? Shell: Whoever is behind this hack has infiltrated the facility staff as well. Reach: What!? How? Check left side, left side! Left side! Pushing! Check the circular window on the left.

There’s another one on the left. He’s on the far left. In that little corner? Yep. check that window too. He keeps peeking it. All right, I’m pushing left, then. Ready? Call it. Three, two, one! They’re all bunched up.

Suppress that window, somebody! Shell: Flashbang inbound. Nullifying sensors. Got one! Shell: Nice moves… Out of ammo… My assessment is- Tango down. Pushing right. Shell: Hostiles nearby. Watch your left, guys, watch your left! Corners, people, corners! Reach: Wha- What the hell is happening? Shell: It’s the brain hack from before.

It’s managed to get past my safeguards. Running diagnostic. Warning: safeguards have failed. Someone is infiltrating our hardware. Reach: I need you to hold ’em off. We’re in deep out here. Shell: Reach, all safeguards have failed.

It’s only a matter of time until the hacker has full access to our systems. Reach: How much time do we have? Shell: Approximately 10 minutes. Reach: We have to get to the exit… Shell: Large hostile force inbound.

You need to move. Got one! They’re pushing the barrels up! Got another one. We’re pinned down! There’s one guy on the barricade. What the hell is wrong with these things? *unintelligible groaning* There’s somebody on the wall, left side, left side! Keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing! Base Overhead: This is a local warning from COM-SEC.

Facility security has been breached. Hostile source code has been detected. All personnel: evacuate immediately or risk cranial infiltration. Shell: Reach, they have infiltrated. There’s no time. I’m sorry.

Reach: We’re so close! I can see the exit! (Static begins to come in waves) Reach: It’s right there! Shell? Shell? No! I… can feel it…


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