Home Airsoft Reviews SHOEI Gewehr 43 Airsoft Blowback GBB Review Deutsch English Subtitle

SHOEI Gewehr 43 Airsoft Blowback GBB Review Deutsch English Subtitle

SHOEI Gewehr 43 Airsoft Blowback GBB Review  Deutsch English Subtitle

Bruce here. BB2K Airsoft Channel you see this gem. Now it’s finally time. Today the review of the Gewehr 43 from the company Shoei. Have fun Are you still there? Great! You want to know more about the rifle 43 of Shoei.

I have already prepared well and I have to say. It is a special airsoft! You do not see something like that every day. Construction and the HPA system. Simply fascinating. But I do not want to talk too much.

I already told a lot in my unpacking video about the Gewehr 43 Because I was so excited. Therefore I only tell new things. I link up here the unpacking video, if you have not seen it yet. Thanks again to the company ZIB-Militaria, who brought this rare and exclusive airsoft to Germany.

It is not self-evident to do such a thing!The market is not ready yet. You would rather buy the xth AR15 model or companies produce the xth AR15 model. Instead of having the courage to do something special.

To produce something that not everyone needs! And here! With the Gewehr 43 I have exactly that on my table! and I’m still excited but I’m talking too much again. I will abbreviate. I’ll put the link in the video description for you.

Still short for the price. The Gewehr 3 costs 1,600 euros! A lot of money. What do you get for that? A plain cardboard box with the inscription Shoei Gewehr 43. Reminiscent of the TANAKA boxes. When you open the box, you’ll see the showpiece right away.

The Gewehr 43. Fullmetal & real wood. Only the best. 1:1 Replica. From the outside not to be distinguished from the original but inside a HPA system works. So this rifle is here. Then there is a 12 round magazine.

Caliber 6mm and operated with air. I will tell you how it works. Then comes a guide that is only on the title page in German. “Zum Einlegen in das Gerät – Gewehr 43” when I open it is with the German over 🙂 On Japanese and English you will be explained the airsoft.

I recommend you. Read the manual. There are a few points that must be considered. Otherwise it can come to damage. And you certainly do not want that. So … instructions are included. Then here a leaflet that this Airsoft has been tested again before function.

This guarantees that you will get a working rifle. At that price, it must be so! That’s where other manufacturers can take an example. Finally, I have here an explosion drawing and a parts list. If you need spare parts.

With the part number then just write to Shoei and you will be helped. The support is fantastic and you get a quick answer. This support fits the exclusive price of the Gewehr 43. Fantastic. The whole for 1600 euros.

Why is this rifle so expensive? Shoei manufactures this rifle by hand. No mass product. Only 320 pieces of it were produced worldwide. There will be no more of that. Everything super exclusive. And it really great that ZIB-Militaira brought this exotic to Germany.

As I said before … A15 sells much better. Here you have to know what you are buying and with Shoei you do not do anything wrong. Unless you are an airsoft player. You really have to think about that.

But the Collector, The Weapon Historian and anyone who wants to have a Gewehr 43 and they also want to shoot. These may risk a look. Alternative would be the real rifle 43rd But it is hard to get and also expensive.

From 3000 euros up depending on the state. And you also need a weapons license. Not everyone has it, not everyone wants it. Next variant would be the original as a demilitarized weapon without function.

but that would be a sacrilege 😀 Breaking a piece of history. Just so you can hang it on the wall Here you have a “cheap” alternative and then with a shot function. Shoei also offers a pure 1: 1 rifle 43 model weapon.

You can load dummy cartridges, move the bolt carrier, have the cartridge ejected, and disassemble the rifle authentically. So there are some variations as you can see. Shoei has the courage and has built us the Airsoft variant.

And then with Blowback. This is my baby! Important question. Can you start right now with the rifle or something is missing? A little something is missing. You still need an air pump! No joke. No HPA bottle with pipe as you know it.

This magazine is inflated with a pump. Either by hand or compressor. A pressure of 10 bar requires the magazine. It’s easy to do with this pump for a Mountainbike. 20 euros costs such a pump. The pump is not exhausting and it is relatively fast.

So you have to add 20 euros to the 1600 euros for this air pump. Let’s continue with the body check Body check. That means I’m going now very close so you can look at everything exactly. Take a look at it.

Built of solid metal and real wood The production of the laminated wood stock alone took a long time. Everything should be perfect and look at it. It’s perfect. Rear of the Buttstock made of steel. Without coating like the original.

Shoei thought of this detail. Great The rest of the metal parts are cleanly coated in a dull black. Looks very noble. Difference to the original G43. The Boltcarrier is smooth here. The G43 was untreated.

The rifle 43 was then produced by stamping and casting. The bolt carrier remained untreated on the surface. Maybe for time reasons. Shoei opted for a smooth boltcarrier like the K43. I think OK and looks great too.

Otherwise, every detail taken. I have a dreamlike replica here in my hand. You can think of the build quality and the weight. I have a real G43 in my hand 🙂 And very important. Especially for the collectors.

These are the markings. Shoei also thought about it and gave the G43 some original markings. On the body you see the model name G43, the unique serial number 373 Below very small the acceptance stamp with the number 359.

AC stands for “Carl Walther Fabrik” and 43 for the year of manufacture 1943 At the Boltcarrier again the acceptance stamp with the number 359 The magazine shows the manufacturer AYE “Olympia Büromaschinenwerke” Here the acceptance stamp with eagle and the designation “WaAB43” and finally the G43 stands for the type of the magazine I have to say.

Absolute dream. Top built and looks damned real. and with the markings we have the cherry on the cream. there are markings on it which has the original too. Ok, not all will be said by the weapons historian.

I say …. I do not give a shit. I think it’s great as it is.I’m excited Let’s continue with the technical data I’ll get the data screen into the picture. As always. see data table (that’s what I’m talking about :-)) Now I come to the chrono and manufacturer values.

I have the imported and castrated version of ZIB-Militaria here. 233 FPS. That’s about 0.5 Joule. I have toys in my hand (Info: German law says less than 0.5 Joule is toy) and that for 1600 euros! You certainly say.

“Are they crazy?” could say at first. But there are only 320 of them made. ZIB-Militaria also imported only a small number to Germany. The approval as a full-fledged airsoft (Info: About 0.5 joules and sale only to adults – German law) would have made the selling price significantly higher.

When the permit is issued, a rifle must remain with the competent authority (as a model) and the fees must also be paid for admission. All this together would mean an increase in the selling price. ZIB-Militaria did not want to do that to its customers.

The normal version has only 0.8 Joule (280 FPS) and that is no big difference to 0.5 Joule. it does not appeal to the player but rather to the collector. But let’s do the chrono With an HPA filling you can get 10 shots with constant power and two shots with less power.

Whether that’s all right you can see in the chrono now. Have fun. that was the chrono. You could see. I did not make 12 shots. After the 11 shot with 0,09 Joule was over. Max 0,49 Joule & average 0,36 Joule So like the Real Steel.

10 shots are guaranteed. 11 and 12 are Airsoft bonus 🙂 I think it is also due to the 0.5 Joule throttling. As a result I do not have enough air reserve for the 11th or 12th shot. The normal 0.8 Joule variant does not have this problem That was the chrono.

Let’s continue with the details and features. Front sight is made of steel and zinc alloy. The Outer barrel is also made with zinc alloy The cleaning rod is made of steel The frontband and the sling mount are made of zinc alloy to disassemble you have to press this button down here.

so that will be able to remove the handguard. behind it is the Hopup adjustment Press here with a pointed object and pull off the front band. The L-Spring here is made of steel Now you can remove the handguard.

here you see the gassystem (steel). it has no function on this model but it is very well rebuilt. in the front part is the HopUp adjustment Nice big and made of steel. The settings can be clicked properly.

Everything made of metal and wear-free The rearsight is mand of zinc allow. Is full adjustable and have the real markings. 1-12 stands for 100 – 1200 meter. subtitles are continued. Please be patient


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