Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today you’ll discover a product of BO Dynamics brand licensed LONEX Technology. So SHIELD LT 595 and TAN BLACK color. The replica will be delivered with a user guide, a CAP REAL charger 30 hits, a Tactical handle and a cleaning rod Now for the external features of the LT 595 shield: At first glance this replica is its CQB look that seduced away due to its small size from 600 mm to 680 butt unfolded to a weight of 2 kg The LT 959 Shield has a fully reinforced polymer body and lifetime warranty, which gives the tone quality of materials used.

His BLOWBACK operation gives meaning to this reply and his little subtle but pleasant retreat but does not give the sensation of BAW-PRO GEN3 recoil shock of the OD version TAN really impressive. Let’s find out the LT 595 in more detail: It is composed of a flash hider counterclockwise plastic attached to a 14 mm outer barrel 160 mm metal.

RIS specific polymer as it sets on the Upper, its finish is very nice and has no play and equipped with a Tactical Magpul type handle. A Front Sight LONEX plastic but folding. Upper Receiver is also very good quality polymer and its return profile design the VLTOR release.

A REAR sight plastic type M-BUS folding and laterally adjustable. A polymer body receiving the casts BO dynamics and LONEX equipped with its metal fire selector offering the SAFE SEMI and FULL modes and charger eject button.

A cocking lever to access the type of setting G36 hopup easily adjustable. A black handle molded to the shape of the hand and finished by his lovely ventilated engine cover. the bolt catch is functional and very realistic hardness.

A fastener metal tube butt strap. Magpul a type of charger black cap in real version 30 bbs which has only a slight play once engaged. Then ends with its metal stock tube engraved adjustable Crane and his stick series number on black 6 positions.

Now for the internal characteristics of SHIELD LT 595: The reinforced gearbox Bo Dynamics therefore receives INTERNAL FULL LONEX: – Engine HIGH TORQUE LONG – A bearing on metal spring guide – A piston with the first metal teeth and rolling on piston head.

– Bearings 8mm – A M100 SPRING She also receives a 6.03 precision barrel 190mm. This replica will bear heavily operation under battery types Lipo 7.4v Now to test Chrony BBS 0.20 and 7.4 v battery LIPO The replica is given to 350 FPS output package Let the test target at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters.

we pass the test at 20 meters in 0.20 BBS 7.4V lipo At 20 meters, all BBS arrived in the target we pass the test at 30 meters in 0.20 BBS 7.4V lipo Some BBS are outside the target, but the majority are correct given the very short inner barrel BO factory does not provide information on the maximum scope of this replica, so let out several different distances firing test to know your limits.

Let the test target at 40 meters BBS 0.20 7.4V lipo BBS reach the target despite a dispersion but obtain validation of a range of 40 meters Let Negative and positive points: Negative: A simple, non-reinforced wiring, hopup Plastic block which is a shame in view of the many quality parts to the replica set.

By positive: An in manufacturing quality that is no longer established. An outside look always pleasant and enjoyable. Performance in very satisfactory transmission output. An original way to LIPO. Here is the review of the LT 595 Shield completed.

You can find this product directly to the online store BO MANUFACTURE for a 299 euro price or so in all partner shops BO, I put the official link in the description. Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video.

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