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Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to find an exclusive product to our Youtube channel and transmitted by our partner BO Manufacture. This replica will soon be marketed and available in stores in the BO Dynamics product line in collaboration with LONEX This is the SHIELD K BAW-PRO GEN3 Given its exclusivity, we have not received this product in the final package which must be close to the contents of version SHIELD PRO BAW 595 that included a 30 BBS Magazine a cleaning rod, two silicone patches, tactical handle and a user manual.

Now to the exterior design of this new version of SHIELD You could see the version SHIELD 595 BAW PRO available in stores, well this new model produced by BO Manufacture provides a really different and aggressive style Common skull of a stock passes to a retractable butt recalling the look of the SD6 NAVY SEALS, making it suitable for use in outdoor play as CQB Then found his body identical to the old version of SHIELD, but receives a unique silent on this model as well as a loader coupler allows the concealment of your batteries in this fake extra charger This replica weighs 2730 grams for 580 mm to 680 mm butt unfolded despite making mostly this replica polymer provides a relatively pleasant and well distributed weight Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a silencer counterclockwise metal 14 mm original design fixed on a metal outer barrel 160 mm A typical RIS polymer SHIELD, attached to the UPPER and showing no difference with 4 Picatinny rails then his tactics handle for a good maintenance of the replica Two sight LONEX folding and removable allowing for acquiring your very quickly because elevated above target thanks to Picatinny rail The UPPER and LOWER reinforced polymer receive LONEX prints and BO DYNAMICS and the BAW registration There will be no change on these elements given that the basis of this replica is the model 595 LT SHIELD As against this changing in the body is the addition of a polymer charger coupler for placing your batteries and that several templates in the charger False for this purpose This modification allows to install the new retractable buttstock metal polymer and giving him this look Navy SEALS The shoulder is very nice and fast, this really stick allows him to play in confined spaces as well as outdoor Its charging handle will access Set hopup and bolt catch will be functional repositioning the dummy breech after adjustment Then ends with its charger Polymer 30 BBS All polymer parts of this replica are guaranteed for life by BO Manufacture is setting the tone on the quality of materials used Now for the internal features The gearbox V2 receives an internal SUPERGRADE LONEX including: – motor HIGH TORQUE – Helical gears improving torque GEARBOX – A bearing on spring Guide – A steel piston teeth and aluminum double piston head seal on ball – An aluminum cylinder head – A Teflon cylinder – The 8 mm Bearings This GEARBOX currently has no need to upgrade given the professionalism that LONEX gave this internal She receives a precision steel barrel 6.

03 mounted on a type of block G36 hopup easily adjustable SHIELD K is also equipped with the latest model of BAW PRO GEN3 in version that is housed in the stock tube but more compact due to the size of the current tube He will obtain a very pronounced and pleasant recoil shock, for it will play against the max frame rate of the replica.

We will test two types of batteries, including 7.4 V and 11.1 lipo LIPO to show you the difference in speed and the actual power need to operate the BAW LIPO battery test rate 7.4v LIPO battery test rate 11.

1v Now to test Chrony BBS 0.20 and 7.4 v LIPO battery, this replica is given to 350 original FPS BBS 0.20 test target 20 meters BBS 0.20GR despite a very short barrel, accuracy remains correct at this distance test target 40 meters BBS 0.

25GR accuracy at this distance is very fine, a large number of affected target BBS test target 45 meters BBS 0.25GR A 45 meter replica touches his problem without target test target 50 meters BBS 0.25GR At 50 meters replica hits its target again but loses precision Turning now to the handling of the replica, the novelty is adjustable STOCK allowing rapid acquisition without being disturb by the stock tube your eyes will be at levels SIGHT front and rear without bending head why rears front and rear are so high? thanks to the RIS attached to the upper and which falls all the rears the acquisition of enemies will quickly in game and folding the STOCK, the size of the replica allows through doorways without much exposing yourself to enemy fire Then there are the tactics that will handle the reply against stalling and get the feel of BAW Let Negative and positive points: Negative: A lack of battery adapted to its new home in the package for quick use A relatively low rate when using 7.

4V battery and cause the power of the BAW positive: A hyper aggressive look and suitable for different types of play. A gearbox SUPERGRADE LONEX Here is the review of SHIELD K BO DYNAMICS & LONEX and marketed by BO MANUFACTURE finished We thank the team BO allowing us to test the product before its official release You can find this product in all shops soon BO official dealers for a price almost identical to the version SHIELD BAW-595 PRO Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! See you very soon BYE BYE


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