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SFA: Airsoft Woodland Loadout

SFA: Airsoft Woodland Loadout

this is Matt from SFA and to I’m not basing on anything so stop gun gun is a SOC us off for RS it’s in the review the annotation will be on now yeah um all right let me try the office it’s connected by a bypass thing like the frequency song from head burning take this off yeah a protective burning man if I got my horse that’s all bollocks I’m probably getting some new vocals but yeah see me in that law yep and a black bear rape repot stalker face mask which is half a face because at my site you have to wear a full face mask and then a basic schmecker shunt from house X impact to gloves in camouflage the uses for cadets as births were trips and crap I’ve got a black suede jacket on nipple sweat shirt long-sleeve Joseph it’s all like wearing mistakes don’t up boys full bridge DPM bottoms what BDUs wavering for them all right son best it’s a water carrier it’s what built in my pouch is everything okay I’ve got a pouch probably moving down here morning at my book stick it on there that he’s got really bad o’clock another yeah yeah my crappy little P point six eight which are broke that’s why I’m just pretty black don’t roll on that Z max I’ve got five beta project P max they around each mid caps and there’s four of them sitting here and he gets a Mapple dude put in that quick that’s where they will host up there’s enough speed loader on side around my back I’ve got a box Mac just stick there with a stick mo anything in there which I don’t need in game all right take it that done I know customized a bit so I fist move a little cross pin it on the sides don’t match Susan I felt this is swell oh oh demo of a crap then might knee on my back I’ve got my two cats in the box so friend grounder caps one came and gone and runs the Canada Mac yep sign up and that’s about it the whole know it doesn’t make much quite like and I haven’t even like a loadout which I’ll do in another video so I just show you reloading with and this is reloading stop with this Mac it’s a bit rushed there’s no practice it much yeah I’ve just swapped over and what you say and that’s for all Macs so yeah I need to work them but yeah she’s mad mister fight I remember it’s a subscribe like comment and watch the other videos which ever way is and remember well key ban stopping


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