Home Airsoft Loadouts War On Cece 2.0 Peak Mountain “BLACK GUARDS” GUNNER LOADOUT (Airsoft/MilSim)

[SETUP] War On Cece 2.0 Peak Mountain “BLACK GUARDS” GUNNER LOADOUT (Airsoft/MilSim)

[SETUP] War On Cece 2.0 Peak Mountain “BLACK GUARDS” GUNNER LOADOUT (Airsoft/MilSim)

this is my blackguard set up for the war on stage a 2.0 big mountain museum event the war on chaser is a 24 hours museum event with different factions battling each other I’m part of the black guards a military militia without black uniforms during this event I will serve as a gunner with my mini-me m249 for the adhere and wearing roughly and consumed on one black base cap my eye protection our Oakley M frame 3.

0 I’m also wearing a Grisha Mac for the necessity to ID identity in some parts of the game my second line is a sample plate carrier from the Italian brand special equipment I’m running it with a fly so 100 rounds mag pouch in which I carry a smaller optional magazine on the top of the pouch I made a Velcro attachment for a combat application tourniquet the push-to-talk is a midland speaker in my special equipment double-fist allows I’m carrying a multi-tool the combat shirt is a gentle replica on my back I placed a special equipment and beater pouch to a special equipment assault backpack the radio is a mid 99 while the VIP light is a replica made by element the gun is a custom a and k MK 46 in which I attached a garmin foretrex 401 a JMP ACOG scope and FM a functional unpack 15 I also added a Magpul ms tree sling a daniel defense sling mount replica a grip pot replica fake 556 cartridges and magnetic ama band the belt is an eagle industries Rigger’s belt on the right side I’m already high precision gun clip in which I attached a tokyo marui glock 18 AP on the left side running a Maxpedition rally for example depends ultra precision tension multicam combat pants while the shoes maril movement stay tuned for the complete gameplay of this event also I will be doing soon a complete review of my new custom a and K Minami MK 46 I hope you enjoyed my warrants it’s a big mountain blackguard setup don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe for more content please click on interactive links I’ll see you next time and stay safe out there


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