Home Airsoft Funny Moments SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (7 of 8)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (7 of 8)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (7 of 8)

mclovin give a quarter pounder that’s not rain those are his babies you dumb fuck goosey has a boat say hello for the camera oh yeah hit you in the face wait i was watering haha fuck my life like I do just lay down I know I fucking head your fingers like I got this I think that ring ever taught them like ah when she won game on connect race little bitch pay for it take two min ago I took one for the fuckin team trip want to watch you back it’s probably a good idea let’s all gasp now to the set in a week ahem I reckon it’s gone ow I just shoot someone walks loaded you got them all right hit that doesn’t count them that’s me guy yeah right in the tip I think they could see you yeah I got shot like that they shot it to you fucked up half the team then you fucked up the other half how’s it going good I shot Samuel on the fate my second head shot today sharpshooter and snowballs wish i had like cake you would think a cake right now you go get shot that’s why the coolest shit you’ve ever done you entire life guy that stream it looks like Pippi Miss Muffet good shooting made it yeah I’m supposed to take your milk out of the hole where we had Aaron cover down there like in those Louise not anymore brothers bullshit


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