Home Airsoft Funny Moments SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (2 of 8)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (2 of 8)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2010 Bloopers (2 of 8)

all right we got it fucking light shit fuck it to bed I like what are you doing there possibly get your venom there’s no way there’s no way that you’re giving it now how are you making other baby go guys I got a bum bum holy cow the bed would you just like a crab is sticking his clamper up on my ass Oh God she got that straight out of the mission impossible does he not see you guys or Jesus is answer just gonna go down where do you get hit my fucking nose oh yeah damn your neck yeah that’s your team Chandler on the air yeah they’re fucking watching you guys oh that was close it’s fun that was gone here the fuck out here like jerk here you get them goddamn reflected hit download I’m ready do it mother fucker good one I see him oh yeah that looks like a vagina during that time of the month hey you should photo channel take off your face look out for the middle she was telling me about our friend was going to take you on a date or you guys we going on a date I was like it shows them fucking to show up tell Big Nate I’ll take him out for a good time and she’s just like yeah I’ll just be sure to tell him that was like do it that’s me miss me well I was interesting hey all you airsofters out there I’ve got 10 year old retard 14 nights Oh what kind of fraud third grade was a tough on form he really is a retard


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