Home Airsoft Funny Moments SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2009 Bloopers (2/2)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2009 Bloopers (2/2)

SD Airsoft: The BRDS: 2009 Bloopers (2/2)

No I caught your baby that’s why you like Luke and you don’t ask if they’re out you shoot them until they tell you to shut the book we go shoot some [ __ ] I mean are some good people grow established men this is not a home movie don’t wave at the camera I’ll in the coconut and drink it all up do that again oh kanu I want some factual game count corn with them boy I wasn’t calling yeah I have no 36 what are you move all eyes your custom yeah freak him out what are we doing today space we’re gonna go kill some Nazis don’t worry Zack mm-hmm [ __ ] ghillie suit you’re picking your butt that’s a BB lodged in there I gotta say I’m sorry Alex I’ll rip it up I like when cheeseburgers are so greasy I can slick my hair back now you just take the patio oh no we’re going to say that you’re coming home from the war you killed all the Nazis and then we get handled you’re gonna get laid coordinated all right you are all over you check again up in me you [ __ ] me you [ __ ] hey you many move wait jail time ahh real time lover for spanking someone yeah ah balls don’t think about it I see you moving it oh my god stuck it’s not good get them out exiting the building now don’t get me what the Hawks are hot right bill cake was pissed off grandpa’s sitting on the porch with shotgun how’s it feel Oh kind of it’s hard I’ve successfully oh and rolls out of I can see my lunch let’s go just it’s a setup look at that ass look at my hairy nipple guy oh Jesus kite I see you’re fit up I don’t give okay you’re gonna die Davy Crockett ah Oh what


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