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Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #4 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Scope cam Airsoft Gameplay FR – Dominicale chez les Razorbak83 #4 – GHK Steyr AUG A3 GBBR et WE PX4

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep, let’s go for the last part of my gameplay with Razorbak83 team I’m a defender above a point I’m here to slow down the enemy rush It was hard to find this position, I’m exposed but I can make some good actions I have to stay stealth otherwise I will be spotted too fast and I will be focused Nice start, first attacker too much exposed, get him easily Attackers are just above me, few terrasses above I missed my shots, I didn’t touch the medic or the other guy I have to be hide near the side It’s a deluge of bbs which fall on me, but fortunately, I’m well hidden, I just can’t move a ear Well I’m here since a long time, I hope they forget me, they don’t shoot me anymore So I will try to move and find a firing angle Unfortunately, only one hit, the medic is still alive Don’t be afraid, my gun with the short barrel is between 300/330 FPS, so she should not be hurt Logical ending, they was all above me so I have been touched Me: They are all on the same side Now I can use my pistol only and I have to defend the base with my team The problem is we are a lot in the base, and I don’t find a good place to defend Me: They move! Me: Out I’m dead, good game! I exposed myself too much, too much offensive Me: Someone has search on A in case they put the case on this point? Next game mode, we have to find a case on the battlefield, inside a base And we are looking for both bases near our position, mainly on this one on our right side We think it’s the best place to hide and defend the objective This base is hard to take when it’s well defend We have to move closer by this area, it’s the less defended side of the base But alone, it’s not easy at all Me: I think I kill him on the floor Ok, I put the main gun on the floor and let’s go for a pistol rush I will be easier It’s not the most difficult move Move inside the base is quite more complicated Me: I didn’t hit you? Me: Seriously? Me: Hey dude with the cap, you’re hit It was the end of the day, we was all exhausted So my team wasn’t very reactive Come on, don’t be tired, do the same but this time, finish it I was so focused on the floor that I totaly forget to check the corner Hard way learning It’s finished for this video, I hope you like it See you soon, tchao


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